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My son got his first dui about a month and a half ago he went to court got sentenced about 3 weeks ago, one punishment was to
Sign up for a 3 month program he hasn,t did it yet he claims he lost his court papers so what will happen to him if he doesn,t do the classes?
They will issue a warrant for his arrest
I was terminated from my DUI program tonight due to insobriety....whats my next step? ?
I drove to my group...they kept my car key...i blew a .16....on 3 yr probation
Oops! Next step? Contact your attorney and/or get back to court before a warrant issues.
What are my chances of my case being dismissed ? The officer charged me with DUI but for cannabis (Marijuana)
I was driving through Downtown Santa Rosa around 1 am. I was driving my buddies vehicle which did not have a front license plate. I was pulled over and the vehicle had a small smell of Marijuana. We had less then a golf size amount of cannabis. The officer was asking lots of irrelevant questions (what did you eat today, if I drink a lot of water, etc.). Then he conducted the field sobriety test, I did not fall sideways nor nothing, the only thing that gave it away was pretty much my blood pressure, and my eyes. I could tell they were having a hard time deciding if I was under the influence of Marijuana. I was told that they were going to get a warrant for my blood test and also that my 2 friends in there have already admitted that we were smoking a little cannabis downtown. I just replied with "IDK officer", knowing that If I admit to what they want me to, I would me incriminating myself. Went down to the station and repeated the Ft's. Again, the officer repeated that he was still trying to determine if I was under the influence. I am 19 years of age, it is my first time ever getting in trouble with the law. Can any of that play a factor in my case ? Do I need a lawyer ? Thanks !
Most criminal defense attorneys offer free consultations. The thing with marijuana is that it stays in your system for...
31 years old. Received one DUI at 23, one at 29. Been sober for two years. Almost done with DUI "classes". Can I join Army?
What kind of waivers do I need to join army? Should I write a letter to my judge and ask him to release me from probation if I'm able to prove that I wish to enlist? Is it even possible for me to enlist with two on my record? I filed and got the first one dismissed back in 2014. Any suggestions?
Speak to an Army recruiter and ask if you are eligible and if so, what he or she suggests you do next. Good luck to you.
When can I get my licsence back after 3rd DUI?
In DUI court program. No liscence since 2016. who can I call to find out when I can?
Three years from now. Best to speak to the DMV about licensing matters. Complete the 18-month DUI class.
Who do I call to see when I can get my drivers privledges back after 3rd DUI?
Im in court driver program..want to get drivers licsence back
Call DMV Mandatory Actions at 916.657.6525.
First CA DUI (probably over .20% -- blood test pending) and Repercussions
Thanks for your time in advance. This is my first DUI, I was loaded, no private/commercial property damage and no damage to any person. I was reported by a good citizen. Reported that I was hitting curbs and was still operating vehicle though I had pulled into a dead-end rural area away from people and property. I have extensive volunteering service spanning to East Africa and LoR's from Congress, university professor, military officers, pilots, etc... I am voluntarily attending AA meetings before my court date. What kind of sentencing can I expect without a prior criminal record and a clear driver history? I honestly can't be bothered to attend a 9 month DUI program as I am on the verge of taking up a job in the MENA (gulf) region. I will pay fines, do whatever I can beforehand, but what can I do to leave in good standing if I do depart for this job? Will the court work with me and arrange anything if I decide to come back which, I don't really plan to? Basically am OK with not having a CA drivers license, but would like to expedite anything to acquire drivers license somewhere else if need be. Want to abide by the law but also, not going to pass up job opportunity.
Sorry you can't be bothered by the 9 month program. You should seek counsel and do what he or she tells you to help...