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How do I answer a question on a job application about a PBJ from a DUI?
I am applying for a job, the question asks " Have you ever been convicted of or plead guilty/no contest to a criminal offense?". I received a PBJ in 2010 for DUI, there are 2 different case numbers for the same incident/charge. The 1st says...plea: other, disposition: nolle prosequi, the 2nd says...plea: guilty, disposition: PBJ. How should I answer this question & why do I have 2 different case numbers with different results. Please advise.
Your situation is why I always arrange for my clients to plead not guilty, but agree to proceed on a statement of facts....
What kind of time am I looking at for violating probation twice .
I didn't report and had a dirty urine. Original charge was driving on a suspended license.
The decision is up to the judge. You can be sentenced to some or all of the unserved sentence. If you received...
How long between incidents does there need to be for a DUI to be considered a first offense?
My husband was pulled over for a DUI in March 2016. His trial was just this week (8/23/16). He was sentenced with a DWI, 1 yr. probation, and 1 weekend in jail. He was pulled over back in 2009 and was given a PBJ. If the lookback period for Maryland is 5 years, why was this stop considered to be a 2nd offense? He has had a clean record for 7 years.
There is no specific "look back" period. Any prior conviction or PBJ may be considered by the sentencing judge. There...
What to do if you didn't file for an mva hearing in time before license was suspended for a DUI?
My girlfriend got arrested for a DUI. She went to her court date in July and got it continued so she can use the public defenders office. She was issued a temp license. but didn't know she had to request an mva hearing. She got pulled over today and got a ticket for driving on a suspended. What can she do to get an extension of her temp license or a restricted license that allows her to at least drive to work?
If 30 days have expired and it sounds like it has, then it is too late to file for a hearing or elect the ignition...
What's involved in having a DUI charge that was dropped expunged from your record in Maryland?
All started over year ago
If all charges were dropped (nolle prossequi), then you can file a Petition for Expungement. You will need to attach a...
Is it legal for a police officer to pull you over for not using a turn signal when passing and then charge you with a DUI?
I have a few questions. Is it the law to use a turn signal when passing another vehicle on a two lane road in Maryland (I passed via the left lane entering the oncoming traffic lane on a back road)? A police officer pulled me over for doing this at midnight a month ago, and then charged me with a DUI because I was slightly over the legal limit. I wanted to make sure that he had a legit reason to pull me over, since I could not find accurate info on the internet. My second question is that I have not received anything in the mail, and my case is not posted on Maryland Judiciary Case Search and it has been 4 weeks. Is this normal? Thank you in advance for the help.
The stop is legit. You arguably violated traffic law(s) including but not limited to failing to drive right of center,...
Maryland MVA hearing for 2013 DUI. I was convicted but maybe eligible for pbj based on a pending motion for reconsideration.
The only reason I was unable to get pbj at the trial was due to a Federal DUI conviction (US Park Police - I-295) on my record from 2007 which carried 0 points and was not sent to MVA. The judge said she would reconsider granting pbj based upon completion of 6 months of supervised probation, and 26 weeks of drug/alcohol classes. Now MD MVA is trying to suspend my license for another 180 days (currently half way through initial 180 day suspension) based upon the 8 points connected to the conviction, however if pbj granted 0 points on my license. All legal parties seemed very confused by Federal DUI and I fall in some legal grey area for probation before judgment. I am unable to join interlock program since I no longer own or have access to a vehicle. What can I expect at MVA hearing?
You should speak with an attorney. It is possible to have the MVA hearing delayed, but certain paperwork must be filed...