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3rd dui in WI. Never went to jail, released from the hospital after blood draw. Now what
Drove off the road way, started to walk home. Someone called it in, cops picked me up half mile down the road. Took me to the hospital, did a blood draw and then released me to a responsible party. I never got a ticket and they gave me my licence back. Licence is still valid. Not sure what to do now or what is happening.
The first step is talk to either the attorney that represented you on your second DUI. He will be able to do the...
Got picked up 1st OWI, went to Court judge dismissed OWI but charge for the PAC. Is PAC the same as OWI charge?
My husband got picked up 1st OWI, the state attorney had the judge dismiss OWI but found guilty on the PAC becasue his bac was .16 he got it lowered to .15 but that didn't make any difference he still got the fines and IID required to be installed in car. So is the PAC the same as OWI meaning it stays on your record for years and is it charged the same way being on your driving record for insurance? Also if he would get picked up again would that be his 2nd owi or his 1st?
PAC is driving with a prohibited alcohol concerntration. Essentially it is one of two "drunk driving" variations, with...
My boyfriend just got a forth DWI
Is there a way I can get him out so he can work and keep our place to live. I don't know what to do......
Better get an attorney working on this matter. Four times DWI is nothing to sneeze at.
Can I get a bartender license if I have a DUI?
Almost 3 years ago I got a DUI. I'm not on probation or anything like that. Am I able to get a bartender license and a liquor license through the town?
This is really a licensing issue, and not a criminal law/DUO & DWI question. I will change the Practice area for you...
Can I get out of my DUI? How much will it cost?
I was pulled over Sunday (Jan 29th) morning and blew a .09 on the breathalyzer.
.09 is above the legal limit. To determine whether this case has any defenses or motion issues you'll need to hire an...
Does my boyfriend have a case against his OWI charge?"
My boyfriend was driving home after a Wisconsin snow fall and hit some black ice while going under the speed limit (due to conditions) and his tail end slowly slid into ditch with no injury or damage to vehicle. Ambulance was 10 minutes behind and they called police to figure things out. They performed a breathalyzer test and be blew a .13 although he said he felt completely fine (aside from it being 4am) and had stopped drinking 3 hours before as well as just eating food. He has a GID (gastrointestional disease) and has to take medication for it as well as is working out and consuming lots of protein. Does he have a case to fight the OWI? Or what's the best scenario here?
Any case can be fought. However, .13 is above the legal limit, so there's obviously a basis for conviction. The best...
Will I receive blood test result if pulled over for suspend dui
Did blood test when pulled over for suspected dui. And then let go. No mirrada rights given & didn't go to jail
The arresting agency will normally mail the blood test results to you, but that has nothing to do with having a...