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Can my son get a DWI charge dropped due to the fact that he wasn't even in a vehicle when they charged him?
My son was out celebrating valentines day with his wife, they had an alternation, he left and went to a bar, he was there less than 5 mins, the police pulled him out of the bar and charged him with DWI. They asked him if he drove to the bar. He said "Yes." Then they arrested him.
The state must prove he was intoxicated while he was operating the vehicle. If they can prove that, it doesn't matter...
Will a DUI conviction in TN prevent me from purchasing a firearm for any length of time?
I was charged with DUI 1st in TN almost 3 months ago but I have not been convicted yet. My BAC results have not come back yet and I am returning to court in a week. If I am convicted I assume I will be put on some sort of probation. If convicted and placed on probation will I be prohibited from purchasing a firearm for the duration of probation? I have a lawyer representing me, is there any chance of getting the charges reduced and avoiding probation altogether?
You should ask you lawyer about the chance of getting the charges reduced. As far as the firearm is concerned, it is my...
Is there a statue of limitation on a DUI in NJ?
Lost my license being stupid with a whole bunch of DUIs and driving while suspended. I have cleaned up my Act and don't drink anymore so I'm trying to get my license back in NJ and this question involves a court that I never showed up for like 11 years ago just want to know if I can get it dismissed
So, statute of limitations refers to how long a police officer or prosecutor can wait between the crime and the...
Do I have to pay off fines to drive again?
So, as I begin please let me remind that I am not a violent criminal, I just made a mistake. I was charged with reckless endangerment (x2) and driving while suspended. I was given four years of probation with possible one year termination if my progress has met requirements. Also, 2500$ in court fines and fees and 360 hours community service. Part of my punishment for the first year of probation is that they temporarily suspend my license and after that year is up I could drive again. March 3rd is when I can legally reinstate my license. Do I have to pay the 2500$ court fines and fees on or before the 3rd to reinstate my license and the 360 in community service or after that first year can I just reinstate and continue with my monthly community service and payments of 50-100$ a month? Probation ends March of 2021
Most Courts want the fines paid up front before you get your license - so you have more incentive to pay them. But you...
Can my probation be extended because I didn't get an interlock device when I got my license?
Ive been on probation for a year (in Georgia) getting rides there once a month to check in. Sometimes a friend will let me borrow their car for the day. I got my license back through the TN dmv a few months ago with no problem. Yesterday, after I completed (what I thought were) all my probation requirements and paid up, my p.o. tells me she saw me driving and asked if I had an interlock device, when I said no, she told me I was required to have one to get my license back. She said she hadn't told me this because she didn't know I was going to get my license back. She said she has to ask her boss but I may have to be on probation for an additional six months with an interlock. Is this right? I don't even have a car in my name as all my money has gone to dealing with this for the last year and a half. Can I petition or fight back at all?
It sounds like you need to consult a GA attorney.
DUI in another state(not living in) can I get a restricted licence in the state I live in ?
I have a DUI misdemeanor in Tennessee(2016)(finished) and have what will be a first DUI in another state Georgia(2015) (the court is just now figuring out the judgement.) My Georgia attorney says they will suspend my licence in Georgia and send that info to Tennessee who will view that as a second, but all the penalty will be in Georgia. My question is for my first in Tennessee I was able to get a restricted licence with a breathalyzer(when I got my TN one, the DMV doesn’t tell you about the restricted licence but my attorney knew. Is this a possibly again, with TN view as a second? Is there another way? I just need to drive legally with a TN licence, is this possible?
Not licensed in TN, but in general it will be considered a second DUI and if TN does not allow restricted license for a...
What will happen if I'm out on bond for a pv released to a recovery home witch has now discharged me
I was released to a recovery home and failed a drug test told my p.o. and was arrested and let out on a 250$ bond. During this time I was discharged from the recovery home for suspission of drug use. Witch was not true. I completed with my state probation officer and enrolled in another program am currently working a program and am clean. Although the prior recovery home states differently. I'm trying to do the right thing. What do you think will happen when I go to court
Without knowing more, it is hard to say. You definitely need an attorney who can look at all of the facts and help you....