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Due to supreme court ruling on needed warrant to obtain blood, can i get a ruling overturned from a dui conviction in 2015?
I'm now facing charges for driving under suspension-dui related, and seen this new law and was wondering if it was retro active back to a certain date, so i could possibly avoid these penalties?
No. It's not retroactive. If it were every conviction since the blood test was instituted would be overturned.
I missed my court date for a ard hearing today
It was a violation of ard I thought the court hearing was on the 15th an when I called down the court house to double check the time they told me it was dismorning...what happens now
I would contact your attorney ASAP as a bench warrant may have been issued for you.
Will I be charged with a dui?
I was pulled over while under the influence. I was not given any field sobriety tests but I was given a breathalyzer and taken to the hospital for a blood test. My car was towed and the police then took me home. I was not taken to jail. I was not told anything except that I would be receiving papers in the mail.
Yes most likely you will be charged. If you had more than a few drinks, and the police drew blood, paperwork will be...
DUI Resentencing, can I sue for the time spent in jail and on parole and probation?
Sentenced to 18 - 36 months plus 2 years probation for 3rd DUI, on appeal, after spending time in jail for 21 months, the court decides on the outcome of warrantless blood. Now asking for resentencing, which would be max, 10 days - 2 years , I've maxed out already under current resentencing guidelines, and spent 2 years on probation and parole and have 11 months to complete EVERYTHING. Now they want to resentence and I'm a free man 11 months early. Can I sue?
Good question, but I doubt it. Nonetheless, you should speak to a local Civil Rights attorney to see if anyone will...
Can you drink out or at home after DUI arrest
If arrested for dui but no preliminary hearing yet. After hearing?How long after drinking can he drive (overnight? 8 hours?)
Depends on how badly they want to be arrested. The smart answer is they shouldnt be drinking at all. If a DUI arrest...
75 § 3802 §§ a lead and 75 § 3802 §§ c.what is that?
i was charge with DUI about an month ago.on my court paper it say i was charge with 75 § 3802 §§ a lead and 75 § 3802 §§ c.what is that?do i need a attorney .if i need i don,t have money and i cannot case DUI and had an accident on parked car on street.what should i do.
Yes, you absolutely need the professional advice and guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney. If you...
How to get my revoloked license back. I had a DUI in Illinois 1986
I have tried several times in the past.the state just say not reinstated at this time. They won't tell me what I can do to get it back.
You need to contact a local attorney who specializes in license restoration. Anyone of us can contact PennDOT and find...