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I called campus police when my underage friend was too drunk. I have "amnesty," what should I do, I have to testify.
My friend was drinking in our dorms with some of my friends. I was not drinking. He got bad and began vomiting blood, so I called campus police. The police only spoke to my friend and myself. My school has an "amnesty" policy, which I believe means I am immune to consequences. However, I don't know if this is protection from the school or protection from the state as well. Should I say he was drinking with me only to protect the other people?
You should tell the truth.
First dui looking for cost of attorneys fees? please give me an estimate.
It is very difficult to answer your question without more details. However, you should remember that you get what you...
Was was I stopped illegally and am I being harassed because the police believe I am selling narcotics?
in the past month I have been stopped twice while riding a bicycle for no horn and no rear light and ones driving a pickup truck because the registered owner's son has no license however the owner is a female I am a male
Maybe, maybe not, it sounds like each time except may when driving the pickup truck they had a proper reason to stop...
I went to get my license back after second dui suspension (tier 1 offense) do I need reccomendation from idrc to get license?
I just completed my suspension for a dui was my second one but counted as a first offense (first dui was underage dui) I paid all fines up to date with my surcharge and the day before getting my license I completed my 16 week program ordered by the idrc. When going to get my license back I was told that since I have more than 2 duis I need a recommendation by the idrc, the problem is I don't have three duis DMV said that I had an open container charge in 2015 (not while driving the vehicle I was a passenger) and that it's showing up as a dui and for that reason I can't get my license back until the IDRC says so even though I have been in full compliance the whole time. Now how can they turn an open container into another dui a charge I caught while being a passenger and a charge that carrys no suspension with it? Is it wiser to print out the statutes get the disposition and show them it's not in anyway related to a dui, because in my opinion it's the dmvs fault so should I fight it out with the dmv, or should I wait a week for the recommendation? If I don't get the recommendation should I take legal action?
Get an attorney to review your abstract and see whether a hearing with the MVC will help.
PA license suspension for possession of alcohol under 21 - hold an out of state license
I hold a NJ license, however my driving privileges in PA are being suspended for 90 days for possessing alcohol in my dorm, and being only 20 I was charged as a minor. I am currently in the ARD Program for first time offenders to expunge the charges I received, however I still received a license suspension from PennDOT. I'd like to know more about if I am able to appeal this suspension in any way to avoid the suspension. Or if I am able to appeal while being in ARD.... I live in NJ along the PA border and frequently bring my terminally ill mother awaiting a transplant to doctor's appointments in Philly, as I am her current caretaker and no one else is able to drive her. I will also need to drive back to school in the fall while it is still suspended or if I were to receive the call my mother was receiving her transplant and I needed to drive home.... This is very critical and I appreciate any help.
Your bigger issue is that when NJ becomes aware of your suspension which prevents you from driving in Pennsylvania, NJ...
Can I sue a drunk driver in nj if there were no injuries. My car was totaled and I want to know what I can do
Rear ended by a drunk driver. His insurance paid me the value of my car but Im not happy. What could a lawyer do to help
I am changing the practice area of this question to "Car Accidents" and I am sure you will get some helpful answers.
How do I go about my first court hearing after failing my conditional discharge drug test?
My name is Jared I am 19 years old and was charged with possession/paraphernalia after having a small get together at my house where the police had limited reasoning for being at my residence in the first place, upon arriving they found 1 half empty beer and a packet of marijuana where they of course charged me because I was the owner of the residence. My first lawyer did not help me one bit and basically was paid $1800 for me to end up taking conditional discharge anyway when talking to other law related friends have said the case should have been dismissed completely for lack of evidence.
You made a commitment to stay drug free for a year. You did not. The police reason for coming to your house does not...