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I got a DUI & driving on suspended L's. i am on probation with 30 days over my head. what are my options and what can i expect?
it is unsupervised probation. & this is my first DUI offense. I have not been to court yet. please give positive feedback if you can. Thanks,
I will give honest feedback you could be looking at probation revocation and a DUI charge. have you contacted an...
If im suspected of a dui, can a cop search my car without my concent
The answer is yes with a warrant. Without a warrant and without your consent, the police can search at least insofar...
I got arrested for dui and possesion of marijuana on july 16ht my son was with me and me and his dad have joint custody when i
igot arrested i called his gma 2 come get him when i got out of jail the next day i called my sons gma and she said cps was coming to her house to question my son that night his gma connie said im not allowed to have any contact with my son she said cps gave her a letter stating he cant have any contact with me i keep asking for the paper so i know what is going on and the name and number of the cps worker that came to the house so i know who to contact to see whats going on and what ineed to do to see my son and connie his gma refuses to let me see the paper or give me the name and number of the cps worker my question is why wouldnt cps have contacted me and told me the same thing?? i dont understand this
CPS will contact you. Their ultimate goal is always reunification with the natural parents. But you had just been...
I was arrested in Elizabethtown ky for an AI I have to go to court aug 14, 2013 my question is what will the judge possibly do?
I stayed in jail for 10 and a half hours and was released once I was sober. I had a dui in 2007 in Glasgow ky. will this have any affect on my ai. I did alcohol classes, lost my license, and had to pay a huge fine then. for my ai I had no bond or anything.
You need to contact a criminal defense attorney in your area to see if you can get the AI charge dismissed, credit time...
Can I get a ky hardship license after 2 aggravated DUI's?
Theres not alot of info about it. i been suspended for over a year on this 2nd dui and have not completed all my alcohol classes (which is all im lacking to get my real drivers license back but am i eligible for a hardship after 12 months loss off license(and after a year i must retake written part of the test). it would make things easier if i can get a hardship until i complete whats needed to get my license reinstated . im unsure of what the laws r on hardships..and different circumstances that can make u or break you..
You are asking a very niche question. I suggest that you use Avvo to search for a DUI lawyer in KY that can...
I was arrested for DUI then tasered while handcuffed
I was arrested for dui then when i argued non stop they tasered me untill i shut up is this normal? then charged me with wanton endagerment on a police officer.
Hello I have had a few clients here in New Hampshire tasered but they have all been pre-arrest situations in which the...
When can I get my license back after a dui?
I got 2 dui's 5 years ago this month. I called Frankfort and was told my dui's would fall off after 5 years
According to Kentucky law, a second DUI maximum license suspension is 18 months. Could there be something else holding...