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Ok I already asked a similar question and had it answered but now I learned new information. Background: My friend was found outside his truck at the scene of an accident his friend had. The guy who had the accident walked back to the party and drove my friend and his truck to the accident. The cops showed up and accused my friend of driving even though he was standing in the lawn. New info: Apparently my drunk off his butt friend was mad at the cops and claimed he drove "what are [they] going to do about it". Great. So this means he admitted something even if it's not factual and he's done for?
Yes. You are correct. Not a smart move. Tim Klisz
I got my license suspended at age 18 from 2 DUIs both were under the legal limit but I was under age so I got the DUIs .. Since then I have gotten 3 driving on suspended (in the past 9 years) I moved to california a year and a half ago and cleaned up my life and now need my license to transport my daughter to and from school so I need to start the process. I also have a pending case that I never went to court for (driving on suspended) . I am trying to fill out the packet that the Secretary of State provides to apply to get my license back and it's asking for specific dates of my criminal history (I do not know specific dates) so I may need a criminal docate. Where do I even start?
Step one: order your 7-year driving record from the Michigan Sec of State (costs about $8). Step two: after you get...
I have to take classes and submit letters which will rake 6 months to a year. I need my restricted license to go to work. Can a lawyer help me get them sooner through the Secretary of State?
You need to speak with an attorney who handles license restorations on a regular basis, who can explain the whole...
I just received a restricted license. It has terms on it that state I may not consume any intoxicants, or any drug/alcohol related activity. I received a Dui, which resulted in this. I am not an alcoholic, in fact I drink socially once a month or so. I made a bad judgement call by driving after having a couple glasses of wine at a class reunion. Does this restriction apply to when i am driving or all the time? If i am not driving i do not understand whose business it is. I am not on probation with the court and I am using an interlock system for a year.
You can't drive with any measurable amount of so how in your system. I tell clients 24 hours between drinking and...
I have a restricted license and an interlock on my car. My DUI was in 2007. Despite zero violations from 2008-2013 i was not able to get it off. I couldn't afford an attorney to fight it. Last year i started drinking again. I had 3 violations. They were in Jan, March and October 2014. I blew .03 in my vehicle each time. I received a show cause hearing last week to appear in court today for those violations. I have not had a drink since October 20, 2014. I attend AA every day and see a counselor. The lady at SOS told me I violated my restricted license by drinking in general. I was never told i couldn't drink at all. Drinking and driving no, but where does it state no drinking alcohol period? I have been off probation since 2008.
Your best chance for minimizing the consequences of your recent violations is go hire a good attorney who handles...
Heidi's Law has been litigated in both courts without success. It is an ex post facto &due process of law violation. Reporting old alcohol offenses on your Secretary of State record after 10 years is a violation of the plea I made at the time of offense.
You could speak with a lawyer that specializes in federal appeals to see what options you may have in the federal...
I am not asking if I have to go to AA. I am attending AA, I am collecting signatures and turning in the forms. She is telling me I have to get a sponsor and I think she is overstepping her bounds.
I answered this same exact question yesterday. The answer hasn't changed.