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DUI not driving car but drunk and said he did.
Ok I already asked a similar question and had it answered but now I learned new information. Background: My friend was found outside his truck at the scene of an accident his friend had. The guy who had the accident walked back to the party and drove my friend and his truck to the accident. The cops showed up and accused my friend of driving even though he was standing in the lawn. New info: Apparently my drunk off his butt friend was mad at the cops and claimed he drove "what are [they] going to do about it". Great. So this means he admitted something even if it's not factual and he's done for?
Yes. You are correct. Not a smart move. Tim Klisz
Will I get a dui in the mail?
I was pulled over for dd. Not given breathalyzer or had blood taken. I was put into a cab and sent home. This happened in Chesterfield michigan,but it won't let me put that in as a location.
I have no advice yet, but to engage an attorney. It seems very out of the ordinary.
Can I get felony DUI expunged in the state of Michigan
was charged with my 3rd dui june of 2009 prior to that I was charged with my 1st in 2006 and another 1st in 1989 since the law change in 2007 they went all the way back on my record to get the 3rd offence I no longer drink have not since jan 30th 2009 the day of the arrest (I know that does not matter to the courts) would really like this felony off my record so that I will be able to hunt and teach my child to hunt and own hunting riffles
Drinking and driving offenses cannot be expunged. Your only hope is a governor's pardon.
I was ticketed with an OVWI as opposed to a DUI, what should I expect moving forward?
I was ticketed with an OVWI or Operating While Visibly Impaired. In some ways I suppose this is better than a DUI/OWI but I can't find much on the law because it seems that Michigan may be one of the few or only states that has specific charge for "impaired" vs drunk driving. Is an OWVI something that can be expunged, and what kind of probation is to be expected for this charge? Thanks in advance for any helpful advice. (I did resubmit this with a slightly different question title because my first one was categorized under traffic/speeding violations and I thought DUI would be more effective.)
Impaired Driving (OWVI, or Operating while Visibly Impaired), is a lesser included offense of OWI (Operating While...
I got a DUI a few weeks ago, what can I expect moving forward?
I was pulled over for not coming to a complete stop at a blinking red light, and my passenger who was pretty heavily intoxicated led the officer to ask me if I had been drinking. I was very polite and compliant with all that he asked, submitted to all the tests including the roadside PBT. I blew a .1. I am devastated with all this and feel like I have just ruined any future plans I had for myself. I am only 22, in school full time as well as working as a substitute teacher 3 days a week and waitressing on the weekends. I have no criminal history whatsoever. I've hired an attorney who I'm hoping will help me in this unfortunate situation but between the fines, legal costs and assumed length of probation I can't help but feel the next few years of my life will have to be put on hold.
Every criminal conviction has consequences, but this is not really a life altering event. Work closely with you...
When will I receive my discharge paper?how long does it usually take. When will my last drug test usually be
I'm on probation for dwi. I'm almost done I only have 10 days left until i get off.
IF one is not given as part of the procedure in your court, then you can ask for a discharge paper.
How many hours counts as 1 day in Jail in Michigan?
I just got sentenced to three days in jail for probation violation. is there a chance I could serve less than 72 hours in jail? I was curious to know how many hours in jail would give me "credit" for one day. I am in Roscommon County.
Every jail has its own policy, but most release inmates in the morning of the day they are to get out. Someone in the...