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  • Sheriff gives advice

    Dec 4, 2017 | via Gilmer Mirror 

    Following a recent small-town Texas church shooting which took 26 lives, Upshur County Sheriff Larry Webb made a presentation to a Republican women's group on protective measures which individuals can take if caught in a mass shooting. Using a PowerPoint presentation, Webb told an audience of about 40 at the Cherokee Rose Republican Women's public meeting that his office will eventually hold a seminar on church safety which will last between four hours and a full day.


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How far back does a cps hair test go?
I babysit and I am a recreational marijuana smoker. Haven't smoked in two weeks. Cos wants to do a hair test on me.
A hair follicle test generally detects metabolites in the system the preceding 90 years.
I am getting charged with a dui and three counts of child endangerment
the da here in upshur county gave my lawyer a plea bargain of 1 felony conviction and 10 years of probation on a first offense. I would like to know if there is a way I can get it down to a misdimenor my lawyer said that it was the best he could do
To evaluate the case, an attorney would need to review the information in detail. Just advising of the charges and the...
Can a DWI dismissal have any impact on the ALR hearing?
My DWI case has been dismissed prior to my ALR hearing. Is the dismissal relevant at all to the ALR hearing?
These are separate proceedings, so dismissal on one case does not mean automatic dismissal on the other. However, the...
Charged with DWI AND ACCIDENT I was not driving.
Last weekend I went out drinking with a friend. She was driving her car. On the way home she hit another car. I was threatened by the people we hit and fled. I was charged with the dwi and accident and she was not even asked for her license. She is now ignoring me. Will she be forced to go to court to say she was driving? Is this common?
This is not common, but I have seen it happen. At trial, the State will attempt to prove that you were driving. The...
How can I receive a dui when cop rufuses me a breathlizer?
Was the DD this night for a buddy. I got pulled over and asked if I had been drinking. I told the cop I had one beer and it was an hour before driving. He sobriety tested me and I passed everything but gave me a dui. So I asked for a breathlizer and got denied. Do I have a valid chance of getting the dui dismissed?
There is always a chance for getting a DWI dismissed, but not solely on the basis of not being provided a breathalyzer....
Should I find a new attorney for my DWI case?
I received a dwi in June 2017. My case has been reset 3 times and I've yet to speak to my attorney directly. I paid the initial 1500 retainer fee after doing the best research I could online. I have a theft charge from 2002 that I received deferred adjudication and a theft by check that was dismissed in 2005. I refused the breathalyzer test. Each time I speak with the legal aide she explains the process and says the attorney will reach me closer to the reset date and is busy in trial. They have the discovery in office but I'm not sure what is recommended. Should I seek new counsel or does this seem standard for this situation?
Lawyers do not like to knock others when we really don't know all the details. But, I will say that IF the lawyer has...
I got court next Monday for my fist DWI but I have not got a lawyer will I have trouble for that?
I will get a lawyer that same week but until Friday will I have any problems with that on Monday for my court day
Probably not. Most courts will give you more time to hire a lawyer if you don't have one at your first appearance, and...