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Can I fight an underage dui for sleeping in my car ?
I arrived at a college and parked my car , drank all night at a party and returned to my car to sleep because I wasn't allowed in my friends dorm because it was too late to check in. I was woken up while my seat was reclined and I was dead asleep. The only reason my keys were in the ignition is because it was too cold and I needed the heat. The car was never running at any point. I was never breathalyzed and was taken straight to the hospital for blood tests. Is there a way to get this reduced to just an underage ? I was never driving my car
Your best course of action contact a local attorney, either by email or phone, who will protect you and your rights....
What would gravity offense score be should I be found guilty of the active offenses? how much jail time or probation. Thanks
2004 M- poss of marj. sm. amount M- use possession drug paraph, and S- purchase etc alcoh bev by a minor 2007 - offenses on different dates: S- public drunkeness and similar misconduct 2008 S-disorder conduct/phys off 2010- all on same date in which offenses occured F2- agg assault (4-12 mo)consec to probaation M1- terroristic threats w/ intent to terrorize another(min of 12 mo. Max of 12 mo.) M2- resisting arrest/othe law enforce(min 12 mo max 12 mo) 2011 M- dui high rare of alcohol (bac 10-16) 2014 charges are multiple(four in all) -active- M1- dui for controlled substance ( blood sample taken at hospital). M- 2 counts for prohibited acts and S- max speed limit
I've already answered the previous post of this question, and my answer remains the same. (I'm Still not sure what M-2...
I wondered if anyone could give me an idea as to how much time I could do if I am convicted. Minimum to maximum time in jail.
I have a criminal history of F2 Agg. assault, Two previous for M2- resist arrest, M1- terroristic threats, M- posession of marjuana, M- drug para, M-DUI, S-public drunkeness,S-disorderly conduct. Recently active are for charges that are scheduled for court. They are: M1- DUI controlled substance, M- Prohibited acts S- Max speed limit S- Max speed limit (I got pulled over for speeding for this one count the day before the above three counts in another county. I have two hearings scheduled. One for each county.
The your prior record score could be as high as 4 and can't be lower than 2 (we would need to know whether any of your...
Can I appeal my DUI license suspension if the term from PenDOT isn't what was agreed upon at my trial?
I was supposed to receive a 12 month license suspension after mu DUI conviction, but the documentation from PenDOT came back with 18 months. I am looking for a DL-21 document which I thought would help clarify the situation but that can't be found. I am also looking for court transcripts but can only find the docket online. Is it worth appealing and should I get an attorney to help? 6 months additional is a very big deal for me. Thanks.
It seems that you have answered your own question. If the additional 6 months suspension is a "very big deal" for you;...
How should i plead in dui case where, aside from the officers observations, the only admissible test was the hgn flashlight test
Initially pulled over for speeding. In pa, dui law has changed in that blood tests are no longer admissible. Breath test taken 3 times with unreliable results
Plead not guilty. Blood results will be admissible with a warrant.
Can I be convicted of a DUI if I was not in the car?
Charged with a DUI but I was not in the car when the cops arrived nor did I have possession of the keys. Not involved in an accident . Cops came because of a fight.
Maybe. There is not enough information to know the answer to that question. The Commonwealth would have to prove that...
I got a dui as a minor and the officer discussed my case with my friends parents
A couple months ago I got a dui at age 17. I went to court for the duo and got my license suspended for 6 months. The passenger in my car that received a underage went to court yesterday. My friend informed me that the officer told her dad about what consequences I got included getting the dui and license suspension. Is that aloud especially when I'm a minor?
It sounds as though the officer acted unprofessionally by discussing your case with someone else; however, there is...