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In Wi ..if a person allows a convicted DUI (under court order to use IID) to drive their vehicle..are they committing a crime?
Daughter in law now driving a non ignition interlocking device car. My son is allowing her to drive his vehicle. She is breaking her probation...but is my son committing a crime letting her, knowingly , drive a non IID vehicle. Greig....Thanks
Whether it's actually illegal or not for your son to allow this, it's still a really bad idea.
I received an underage drinking - possess - 17-20 violation - and I was just a passenger - how does this affect my records?
I was a passenger in a vehicle that was stopped for speeding and the deputy gave us a breathe test and then searched the car and found some bottles of alcohol. I was given a ticket with the violation description as "underage drinking - possess -17-20". I am 18 yrs old. Will this affect my entrance into college or my drivers license or my car insurance?
It can result in loss of license, and the penalties for subsequent offenses get progressively worse, see link below....
3rd offense after 15 years what am I looking at for jail time and how far back do they go for 2nd offense
How long does a 2nd owi stay on court records and it's been over 15 years sense I had my 2nd one what happens to me if I would get a 3rd now what's jail time
Your third OWI counts as your third OWI. It's not subject to the same 10 year exception that a 2nd offense is. You'...
My neighbor went to court on his 5th OUI last week. He has an order for Absolute Sobriety and yet drinks a 12 pack every night.
My question is, is he safe to drink in his apartment, or is he in violation of the court order?
I'm not sure how you have the time to watch your neighbor drink an entire 12 pack of beer every night. But a court...
Last Month I got a DWI in Wisconsin, it's my first offence but I blew twice the legal limit on the breath test
What is going to happen I go to court on June 4th also and I look at this somewhere online free?
Well, you're not going to jail, if that's what you mean. There's generally an offer provided to resolve the case. If...
Does a court date error on my OWI citation set me free?
I recieved an second OWI citation in person that was valid in every sense, but was told I would recieve a court date by mail. my case was handled by a trainee deputy, overseen by a deputy. I recieved it and its for December 5, 2075. Yes, 2075. I'll be 91 years old. The trainee signed all forms and clearly botched the court date. Does this void my citation, since a court won't rule till I'm dead?
No. Clerical errrors do not result in a dismissal. Look your case up on the internet here:
What's the difference between OWI and DUI offense
Are both offenses stay on record life time? Or only DUI
Wisconsin doesn't have DUI, DWI, or OUI offenses. We have OWI, or operating while intoxicated. They're all...