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  • 2 pleaded guilty to separate Lebanon Countya

    Tuesday Jan 24 | via The Lebanon Daily News 

    Check out this story on Marty Cooper entered a guilty plea for the April 12, 2016, Turkey Hill holdup while Damien Gilmore pleaded guilty to the Aug. 5, 2015, Kentucky Fried Chicken robbery A man wearing a skeleton mask took $100 from the cash register and $200 worth of cigarettes at Turkey Hill. Gilmore was charged with taking $1,500 from the safe and $300 from a cash drawer at Kentucky Fried Chicken.


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Is probation for dwi the same as being convicted
I was arrested for DWI, i got probation and i completed it... that was 9 years ago. i'm filling out my citizenship papers and one of the questions is .. have you ever been convicted of a crime and i do not what to say.. thanks
Get a certified copy of your disposition from the court to see what the outcome was.
What do I do?
Monday morning at about 2:30am i fell asleep at the wheel after giving my friend a ride when he woke me up with a phone call asking me for the ride. I ended up crashing into an off duty police officer's personal vehicle. I ended up being charged with 4 different types of driving while impaired ("must appears") and 3 traffic violations. I was arrested that night. I had taken my sleeping medication and my xanax at around 9 or 10pm and that had to have been the cause for my accident and why I failed FSB.I blew .000 on the breathalizer but failed the field sobriety test. I don't remember what happened at the police station, but I have a sheet of paper tha says I refused to take a breathalizer/blood test. But, I took the breathalizer on the scene of theaccident. So I don't know why I have a sheet of paper that says I refused to take one. My license has been suspended I believe, but I need to be able to drive for work. I don't know how to go about getting a temporary license (or whatever I can get right now). All the paperwork and/or instructions I have are so confusing I don't even know where to start. I don't even know how to find out when my court date (s) is/are. Please help me.
You need a lawyer. You can be convicted of driving while impaired or under the influence of drugs even if they are...
Is it possibility of jail time for driving on a suspended license if you pay the fines before the trial date?
Caught driving with suspended license and expired tags but court date was set and can pay fines before court date
Do not pay any fines before the court date. Some of the tickets will probably be dropped as part of a plea deal. You...
Rear ended another driver, still within my 2 year window for DUI PBJ. Cops arrived at scene of collision.
Will I be in violation of the terms of my probation? I was supposed to not have contact with any officers. But I am curious, because car accidents are normally considered as civil disputes, if I will have violated probation. Will the cop have run a background check?
Were you cited for any offenses? Accidents are not criminal matters, unless something in addition to the happening of...
I have a warrant out for my arrest in MD because I missed my court date for DUI and hit and run I moved to NC what do I do?
its my first DUI case I have no money as I just lost my job. The car I hit was parked I have 2 witnesses to my case I would like to get another court date but don't have money for bail. Its been a month since my court date.
You can have a lawyer file a motion asking to lift the warrant. But a public defender will not do this for you, you...
Is a underage alcohol citation a misdemeanor?
I am wondering because i just graduated college and am applying to jobs
Most likely it is either a juvenile offense (which is a misdemeanor) if it was under 18, or a "plain," adult...
Should I get representation for mva
I got my 4th dwi/dui in 1999. I have done everything they ask.Should I get mva hearing & lawyer thanks 7/14/2014
Did you get another DUI recently? If so, you should absolutely retain counsel immediately.