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I have a warrant out for my arrest in MD because I missed my court date for DUI and hit and run I moved to NC what do I do?
its my first DUI case I have no money as I just lost my job. The car I hit was parked I have 2 witnesses to my case I would like to get another court date but don't have money for bail. Its been a month since my court date.
You can have a lawyer file a motion asking to lift the warrant. But a public defender will not do this for you, you...
Is a underage alcohol citation a misdemeanor?
I am wondering because i just graduated college and am applying to jobs
Most likely it is either a juvenile offense (which is a misdemeanor) if it was under 18, or a "plain," adult...
Should I get representation for mva
I got my 4th dwi/dui in 1999. I have done everything they ask.Should I get mva hearing & lawyer thanks 7/14/2014
Did you get another DUI recently? If so, you should absolutely retain counsel immediately.
Does the MVA require enrollment in the Ignition Interlock Program in order to get your license reinstated after a 2nd DUI?
I moved to MD in Sep. 2010. In Oct. 2010 I was arrested for a DUI on my out of state license. I was subsequently arrested for a 2nd DUI in Dec. 2010 on the same out of state license (Bad couple months). I went to court and plead guilty in May 2011. I successfully completed my terms of probation and was let off probation in Nov 2012, and have not had any legal issues since that second arrest in Dec 2010. One of the terms of my probation was to have the ignition interlock installed during the course of my probation if driving (which I didn't drive-therefore did not have one installed). I am now trying to get my MD license, and pulled my MD driving record based on my soundex number. On there it lists a restriction for the ignition interlock "indefinitely." Is the interlock still required?
You need to bring the terms and conditions of probation to an attorney to see exactly what the judge said about the...
How does a Maryland DUI transfer to Virginia driving record. What are the repercussions?
I have a Virginia drivers license but got a DUI (first offense) in MD. My lawyer told me that I will most likely get a PBJ in court. I had a hearing in the MD MVA and was given an option to be suspended in MD for 45 days but still be allowed to drive in the state of MD for work. Can someone with experience please tell me; if I accept this offer, will it have a negative impact on my VA driving record and/or license? Thank you.
What does you lawyer say? They are always in the best position to help you since they know the facts, evidence, etc....
DUI / DWI will md mva(I live in md) give me a license, I got my va license fully restored in va court
2005 was last DUI 3rd, did ASAP class, got great ASAP evaluation, and judge fully restored me!
Need more info. What does "fully restored" from a judge mean to you. Md and Va have a reciprical agreement. You must be...
What happens if you refuse to wave your right for representation in court?
I am going to court for my second VOP. I had a lawyer but was unable to pay what he was asking at the last second. I attempted to file an extension so I would have time to obtain councel and was denied. By this time it was to late for me to apply for a PD. What will happen when I go to court and refuse to wave my right for representation? Will I get a public defender right then or will my court date be extended anyway?
It is likely that the Judge will find that you have waived your right to an attorney and you will go forward with the...