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Can I receive a secondary ARD in PA?
My first ARD was for personal possession of marijuana. At my preliminary hearing they gave me papers for ARD and the judge and officer signed my papers for ARD approval (I'm assuming) for my FIRST DUI for marijuana and have been sending me mail about ARD. I have completed every single PREARD requirement and I have court tomorrow. I paid 865$, did my CRN, applied for alcohol & safety driving courses, got a drug and alcohol evaluation and also even started counseling.
That sounds great. If you are getting a second ÀRD you should feel very fortunate. What County is this in?
II violated my ard for drugs with a i going to jail?
I am currently on ard for drug possession with 25 days left and got arrested for a dui . Probation called me and left message for me to come in...i never have hearing for cost and probation going to get me
I am not sure what you mean by get you? Your ARD has in all likelihood been violated and cancelled and you are now on...
Can the police interrogate someone while they are intoxicated ?
The police questioned my father on things that he "did" while drunk. But they questioned him while he was still very drunk. Is anything he said even able to be used in court?
If your father was not in custody during the interrogation, then the police were not required to advise him of his...
What kind of time would you be looking to get for first DWI in Pennsylvania?
I hope this makes sense. I was driving, my husband was passenger, & swerved to miss a deer and hit a tree on the side of the rd. No ones property was damaged. I had to leave to get our daughter from the baby sitter as it was a school night. I got a ride to my other car but my husband stayed with the car to try and get it running. I got a call hours later that my husband had been arrested. State troopers arrived 2 hours after and found my husband under the car working on it, keys on the floor, and the car was not even operable. They asked my husband what happened and he said but then the cops made him perform a sobriety field test in which they stated he counted to fast. They then threatened asked him for my information and threatened to come arrest me. My husband gave a false confession to keep me from any legal issues. My husband had a suspended license and they arrested him, took him to the station, and had a warrant for blood test. Unfortunately he tested + for methamphetamine and they charged him with DWI. He was not ever witnessed driving and the car didnt even run. What kind of time is he looking at? I called the station that night but the cop wouldnt listen. I can testify.
The story doesn't make sense and there are a lot of hole in it. The fact no one saw him drive doesn't matter or that...
Been in Northampton County ARD program since May, will i ever get drug tested?
I've been in the program since May 30th and since i've been sworn in i've made all my call ins (once a month every month) and haven't been contacted about a drug test. This is confusing because when i first went in for the ARD meeting somewhere around May 15th the PO told everyone that in 1 month there'd be a test to determine eligibility- which never happened. I have a buddy who went through ARD in the same county for the same chargers (Minor possession of marijuana < 25 grams and misdemeanor paraphernalia) and he said he never got drug tested so i'm wondering if that's a normal thing.
its up to the discretion of the probation department where/when they test you. Its entirely possible that they wont....
Will my dui charge turn into a felony?
I served my bench warrant and now I am out on bail. My formal arraignment is coming up in a couple weeks. Will this remain a misdemeanor or turn into a felony once it is all taken care of.
A DUI is a misdemeanor of varying grades depending on how many prior convictions you have had and the subsection you...
I live in pa and got 2 dui 15 years ago I just got another do the 1st 2 count or is it my 3rd dui?
Blew a .24 at 230am for driving without lights but bottom fog lights on
High tier first DUI. You are facing jail time and because it's a 3rd DUI lifetime, the judge could impose a harsher...