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How will my LPN license be affected?
I am a 53 yo nurse. I was arrested for my 1st DUI. How will this affect my nursing license? I am a LPN. I have never been in trouble with the law.
If you are a nurse who received a DUI, you could face difficult consequences. While not all DUI cases are the same and...
Ex wife dui totaled car that I had my name on title. Insurance gave her $15,800. Should I get half?
are no details, really
What was the divorce agreement with respect to the car?
How do I ask the court for a DUI plea bargain?
In 2014 I was pulled (minor swerving) and I denied a breathalyzer but I failed my field tests. I feel the best option is to plea guilty for a reduction to "reckless driving" , no fine and 6 or more weeks of DUI classes. Is this too much to ask? How do I ask in the right terms since I'll be representing myself?
Most prosecutors don't take DUI's lightly. If you want to plea to a lesser charge, you will need to know what the...
Can I get my drivers license in South Carolina if I was convicted of misdemeanor dwi in New York?
Back in 2013 I was convicted of misdemeanor dwi. Everything is over just the court and dwi fine has to be paid.. It wasn't aggravated the charge or either did I refuse the breatherlizer test. I blew barely over the limit and still got charged back then.. Can I still get a South Carolina license if my New York State license was taken away in 2013? I need it back as soon as possible or a new one because of my work situation. Will those unpaid fines be a problem? I'm still paying on them.
Generally speaking, in order to get a valid license in one state you must surrender any VALID license you have from...
What to do if I was hit by a drunk driver and they have no insurance?
I was hit by a drunk driver head on a couple of nights ago. My truck is not totaled but it has at least $8,000 worth in damage. Come to find out she has no insurance. I nor did she receive any injuries, I believe I have some whiplash but I am going to the doctor today for it because the symptoms just started coming up (3 days later). What can I do, I am at a loss. I have uninsured motorist coverage, but I know the insurance company's best interest is not me. What can I do? If I do get a lawyer, what can they do? I am at a loss!
By law South Carolina requires all insurance companies to provide uninsured motorist coverage on every vehicle for this...
Why must I complete the ignition interlock program when it was volunteer and I was not convicted of DUI.
I was given 9moths for implied consent. I volunteer to participate n the ignition interlock program. I decide to cancel the program voluntarily. I completed the 9mths successfully, paid all fines and all other requirements. DMV decide to issue me my regular license. But probation pardon and parole still has a restriction indicating I still have to complete the program
Speak with the attorney who negotiated your case.... this is a general Q and A forum and it seems like your case is...
I was hit by a drunk driver, I have no insurance, can I still sue?
Saturday morning I was pulled over and a drunk driver hit the cop and his car ran into mine, I have no insurance but was never issued a situation. The officer was injured and I can hardly move my head today, tomorrow I have to take off work to go to a doctor tomorrow. I would like to see a lawyer too, but don't know what will come of it considering I wasn't insured. I drove away from it, but ended up running out of gas because the tank was punctured.
Many times a person may be injured from a car accident, but the body doesn't respond to the pain or injury until days...