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Can I travel for vacation to Australia with a dui Charge?
According to my FBI fingerprint clearance, I have only been charged with a DUI two years ago but was never convicted. Can I go to Australia on vacation?
You should be able to, since never convicted, but I would first check with the Australian consulate nearest to you as...
What is the likely outcome for my dui?
I got arrested last night for a dui I agree blowing a .094 in the field and a .116 at the station. I passed my roadside test except for 1 incorrect turn. I'm we and have never been in trouble before. I'm not sure what to do, what steps to take or who to talk to.
The first steps to take are request a license revocation hearing at the DMV and you should consider hiring a DUI attorney.
Do I have to have an interlock when my last DUI conviction was in 2004?
I had 3 DUIs within 4 months and the last conviction was 2004. I served jail time for all three in 3 different counties that were all ran together. About a year and a half sentence. I have been eligible since 2014 to get my license reinstated but they say I have to have an interlock. I have had no driving infractions since before my last conviction in 2004. Thank you!
If the interlock device is a requirement of the Department of Motor Vehicles, you will have to have it no matter how...
WWhat can I do about a DUI in Washington?
I got a DUI in Washington several years back and dew to a bad relationship that led to divorce I moved back to Colorado need to resolve this so I can move on with my life and get my drivers license
Contact a Washington Criminal Defense attorney.
How long does it take to go from supervised to unsupervised probation for a dui?
I got a dui last March and have been on supervised probation since July 18. I was told I could apply for unsupervised probation on Jan 18. I have completed all my classes and therapy, paid all my fines, finished my community service, and I have not missed or failed any UAs. How long does it take to get for the judge to respond to the motion and what are my chances of being approve?
Unfortunately, the answer to your question is--it depends. In typical lawyer fashion, I can't really say whether your...
What is tested in a DUI blood test in Colorado
I was involved in an accident resulting in a DUI ticket but I haven't drank alcohol in over 8 hours
I am sorry to hear that. Do you have a question? If you are just generally trying to find out what you should do,...
Will my DUI suspension show up in a University background check?
I was arrested for a DUI last year Feb 2017 in Illinois. I was placed on court supervision, and was never convicted. As long as I complete my supervision requirements the entire case will be dismissed. My question is that if the case wont be dismissed until May of this year, 2018, (I have completed my requirements) will a background check from CU Boulder reveal my case now in January 2018? Im not sure if that information crosses state lines if I was never convicted of anything. I won't be driving in my job so according to their policies they will not be looking at my driving record.
The answer to your question depends on the exact terms of your agreement in Illinois. There are 2 possibilities, a...