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1st dui 2010, deferred prosecution on dui i recieved in march of 2012
Asking defense attorneys this question is not the right was to get your answer. You need to talk to that industry and...
I was arrested for a DUI 10 months ago and just got an mip but I'm not on probation I'm just not supposed to get in trouble for two years until my next court date. When I got my mip I was with friends 21 and over I wasnt drinking but the officer assumed I had been. He did not breathalyze me or give me a sobriety test just wrote me the citation. Am I going to face any jail or can I fight this I've been doing fine and I had nothing to drink that day the cop just didn't like me for some reason.
Well, "the cop didn't like me" will definitely not be a valid excuse but you might be able to avoid substantial jail...
i would love to be an attorney and help people with similar offenses
You're going to have to check with the state bar association.
I pled guilty to DUI's in 2009 and in January 2014, (bad advice from the public defender on the first one). I want to go back to Canada ASAP but the b#^*h in probation says that I can't without their approval and filling out the Interstate Compact Act paperwork. I am leaving the US how does this apply to me? I will need to come back a few times a year to see family in WA and don't want to get in trouble crossing the border. I found a place in BC to do treatment that is exactly the same as what I agreed to and filed with the court. What kind of lawyer can help me go back to Canada? Thank you, Katy
Unfortunately, that is true and you must complete all your DUI treatment as assigned by the court with the subject...
i was pulled over for speeding and was asked to take a sobriety test so i did and i believe i was just fine.. he asked me to take a breathalyzer and said i didnt have to, so i refused and was placed under arrest for dui then took it at station and blew .026. if officer filled out wrong color of car and my info wrong off my licence like color of my hair and weight could i use that if needed?
You don't say how old you are, but if you are under 21 they can charge you with Minor Operating after Alcohol simply...
Ive completed treatment , I need to do a hearing with dol.
If you can read or understand DOL then you can do it yourself, determine when you are eligible for reinstatement. If...
MY brother has several DUI, driving while suspended and was released after 15 mths,put on 5 yrs probation alcohol classes fines ect...he just received a new dui and driving while suspended and im curious what the possible outcomes, he seems to think he will barely get 6 mths i believe this is his 5th or 6th dui, all my research shows this could be serious jail/prison time
You should contact an attorney in the state where your brother's DUI is pending and ask them this question. Punishment...