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If I was charged with a D.U.I. when I wasn't in the car and my keys were nowhere to be found....
Was at a friend's house, standing next to my vehicle, with no keys or even access to my keys. In fact, I was looking for the lost keys.... was confronted by police and questioned. They took audio/video (without my knowledge or consent). One of the questions was, "Where were you drinking?" I responded, "at home". Can that be used against me, even if I was very intoxicated and had a B.A.C. close to .20?
You have a great defense which should lead to a dismissal or a not guilt! There are several factors the Supreme Court...
Dui Nevada? Lgl stop sitting at traffic light -said person called to report this vehicle- friend called ski resort to see if car
March 28 2015. I was driving with suspended license which was caused by a previous DUI in California from October 2014. I did not submit to roadside test. They drew blood at the Nevada jail the night after I was arrested. went before judge he required me to have ankle bracelet because I lived far away. ankle bracelet checks any alcohol content in my system court date is on May 11. What are the likely consequences? do not know my alcohol level blood test. Will I get a public defender? can I talk to him before this hearing? should I get an attorney for this court is is 3.5 hours from where I live Sacramento - The officer didn't have reason to pull me over friend called ski resort to see if car in parking lot end of day no phone signal. Did not call sheriff to report missing car
The court appoints a public defender in cases where a defendant is below a certain financial level. Some defendants...
Got first DUI in AZ ,Ordered to install interlock for year, Moved to NV. I have my NV lic. can I remove the interlock ??
I got my DUI April 2014. was ordered by AZ ADOT to install interlock for a year. I live in NV and if I was to have the device remove . since NV DUI laws differ from AZ . Will I loose my NV lic . please help
I am not licensed in either Nevada or Arizona, but the key to your keeping the Nevada license is complying with the...
Im from nevada have a DUI from Calif like 15 yrs ago now going to truck driving school in cailf when I go to the DMV for
For my permit will the DMV know about it ?
Unless you have petitioned to have the conviction sealed, then it will show up on your record.
I was arrested illegally for DUI at my home
someone called that I was drunk driving I was not I came home and drank cops showed up 20 minutes later interested me
You are going to need to retain a good criminal lawyer to defend you. The prosecutor has the burden to prove you were...
I was arrested for firs offense dui
Breathalyzer indicated .171 and then .165
You need to retain an attorney as soon as possible.
Can NV state legally prohbit you from consuming alcohol for a DUI under probabton (1st offense, no injuries or accident)?
Alcohol is legal. Why does getting a DUI mandate a year of random UA's for alcohol? Is that legal? If so, what statute says this is allowed as part of the punishment?
If you're BAC is high enough the court can impose a condition with respect to driving while drinking such as an...