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I was charged with dui an refusal of a chemical test I was not in a motel vehicle did not any keys my possession
They dismissed all charges but I can't get my license back becomes of the refusal
You should have contested the initial revocation on the ALR. Provide the dismissal documents and they may agree to...
Will I be charged with something I did when I was 17 years old?
I was caught drinking a month after my 17th birthday. About 2 weeks later I got a letter in the mail and it said I wouldn't receive any charges. But it also said something about 18 months from now. I'm a good student that gets good grades (3.5 GPA), I'm involved in sports and community work and haven't gotten in trouble before . Is that why I didn't receive charges or are they waiting for my 18th birthday so I can be charged?
"something about 18 months from now" Someone with a 3.5 GPA should be capable of more precision than that. It likely...
How do we go about this when he goes to court? How can they truly tell it wasn't him in California and that he's been here?
A friend of mine for pulled over for drunk driving and the national database said he had a prior in 2009 in California. The only problem is he's been here in Nebraska since 2000 so that's not possible at all! They weren't finger printed in California but my husband was finger printed here in Nebraska.
Your friend or husband needs to get a criminal defense attorney. The way people are identified is with their names and...
What will most likely be the outcome and will he have to do jail time since he works full time?
My husband was driving home Saturday night and made it all the way home. Parked his truck and was about to come inside when a sheriff came and made him do sobriety tests. He passed all the tests so the sheriff took him to the hospital to get blood drawn. They arrested him. I posted the $1000 bond. He was charged with DUI 2, open container, and no drivers license. His first DUI is old but not really sure when it was just know it may be way over 8 years ago. They gave him a court date
What does his working full time have to do with anything? Your husband was driving drunk with NO LICENSE. He is...
I stopped drinking and hour before I was breathalyzed and blew a 1.2 ,was blood tested 45 after that can I expect to be lower?
I was also not in the vehicle when the police arrived. I was at a family members house. is there anyway that it could be dropped or lowered.I was never read rights and they wouldn't let me talk to family member even when wasn't under arrest
All questions you have to ask your defense lawyer which you should either hire or, if you cannot afford one, have the...
2nd offense dui and willful wreckless driving.
My husband was arrested this morning for a second offense dui and willful wreckless driving. Was being pulled over for speeding, panicked because he had been drinking so he tried to run, lost control and hit a tree. His first dui was 7 years ago. He says one of the officers told him to get a good lawyer and it could be dropped to a first offense. Is that possible? What outcomes are we looking at? Is it possible to take the defensive driving class and get the wreckless driving reduced or dropped?
It would be best to talk directly with attorneys in your area. You can use the "Find a Lawyer" tab at the top of the...
My boyfriend got stopped for a DUI. DMV dropped case. What can happen with county court?
He got pulled over his breathalyzer showed .103 his blood work came back with a .084. He got a letter from his lawyer saying the DMV dropped their case. Just curious as to what the consequences could be. Its his second DUI, the first being 5 years ago.
The penalties for a 2nd Offense Non-Aggravated DUI are: •Charged as a W misdemeanor •Minimum jail time 6 days •...