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Dui and accident
Drinking alot and hit a car. Side swipe no injuries. First offence
Not sure what your question is. Contact a DUI/criminal defense attorney to discuss your case.
What are the consequences for a DUI and driving without a license?
I am a minor of the age 15. Arrested for driving intoxicated, failure to use turn signal, and driving without a license. I have not gone to court yet and would like to know possible penalties and if this is a misdemeanor or felony.
DUI is an unclassified traffic misdemeanor which carries the possibility of up to one year in jail. By statute, if you...
I'm currently 2 months into a 6 month, unsupervised probation for a dwai (not dui) in Colorado. Minor charge, minor probation.
I just found out about a job offer of a lifetime in Colorado, and they'd need me there next week. With the legal system the way it is, most have told me that since this is the lowest grade misdemeanor and probabtion there is, that they won't transfer my probabtion to California. I'll never see a job opportunity like this again, so I'm going to take it. I'll inform my probation officer the day I arrive in California, and offer to pay off all fines in regards to my probation. Some have said due to the nature of my charge and probation and the fact I've never been in trouble before, that CO may consider this "good enough" with time served. Is this a possibilty? Is there anything else I can do? I can't let this ridiculous charge ruin my life, so I'm proactively looking for guidance. Thx
In short, leaving first then telling your probation officer later when you get to Calif is a bad idea. Regardless of...
In colorado when doing a blood test for a DUI do they always test for drugs? And is it a felony?
I have not had anything on my record before this is my first DUI.
It is up to the requesting police officer to tell the lab whether to test for alcohol alone or alcohol and other drugs....
Can I do anything to get a work permit again? After being convicted of a DUI?
I was stopped on July before 17 and was charged with a DUI. My birthday was on August and turned 18 , my court was set afterwards and I plead guilty to the charge of a DUI. I had the DACA permit for 2 years since 2013 & I had barely renewed it on June before I was stopped. On my first appointment of probation ICE got a hold of me and was in custody for a couple weeks & was able to get released with a low bond. Is there anything I can do to get DACA again? Or some other kind of permit before my last court with ICE were the judge decides If I can stay in the U.S. Or sign a voluntary departure?
This was put under DUI when it's an immigration issue.
Maxed out my points and had my license suspended in (colorado) I have a DMV hearing (probationary license)
it will cost me my job not to drive.... What can i do to increase my chances of getting a probationary license or red license. I have two pending tickets which I have not gone to court for yet, but they occurred before the hearing....will those points hurt me?
I suggest you retain an attorney experienced in dealing with DMV. Assuming the two pending tickets carry points and if...
What is the likely outcome of my situation?
I was charged with dui duii reckless driving and disobeying an officer. The police station said I blew .171 I didn't hit anything damage any property or anyone. I have not had even a traffic ticket before and I complied with the police. The DA at my first appearance aid the wrote the charges wrong and I am actually being charged a felony.
Of course, you are represented by counsel, yes? Address all questions in confidence to that attorney and, to avoid...