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Can I have a glass of wine tonight?
I am in a morning routine if PBT's. I also have random drug tests. I don't have a drug test tomorrow. I've read that a glass of wine won't hurt, it being Valentin's day and all I'd like to treat myself.
Absolutely NOT. Presumably you are on 'random PBT's' as an order of the court either through a probation order or a...
Could she get me into trouble if she wanted to? I never lied and I care but could anything happen to me if I don't do anything?
My friend and I slid into a ditch one night on very icy roads. I drove sober and she was intoxicated. But it was her car and when the officer reached us he asked who's car and she said hers. He came back to ask me if I was with her and for I.d. As she sat in the police car. He brought back my I.d. and quickly entered his vehicle and took her away as I entered my friends vehicle. I found out she said she drove. I was thinking of writing a letter for her to take to court saying I drove but iif it will hurt us both super bad it won't be worth it. They never asked me if I drove.
You have not been charged with anything. I am not sure why your friend would admit to driving when she was not but it...
I lost my driver license in Michigan for drunk driving while suspended can i get license in other state
i lost it for 7 years and it has been 10 and don't drink any more nor have i been in a lick of trouble since can i get a driver license in other state if so what states ?
You will have to take care of your issues in Michigan prior to the time you will be able to obtain a license and almost...
What do i need to do to get driver license back after 2 DUI from 2001?
My first one was dropped to impared, n second to first. I do know i have to pay $1000 to the state plus renstatement fees to but is there anything else they will want me to do?
You must have a hearing at the Driver Assessment and Appeal Division of the Secretary of State, which may, in your area,...
Can I transfer my 2 DUI's in Florida to Michigan?
Completed probation, no warrants in Florida. I just have a HOLD from Florida. Michigan says they cannot help until I can remove the HOLD. I have to move back to Florida, complete my $500 class, own a car and have an a breather for 2 years in Florida??? I don't minding this but I live in Michigan with my kids. Thanks
Michigan will not give you a driver's license until you can qualify for one in Florida. You are not the only person in...
I have had 2 DUI's, 2007 and 2009. How do I go about getting my lisence back?
2007 and 2009 DUI's. How do I go about getting my license back.? I heard one will drop off but it is on my driver record from SOS. It says driving status ineligible. License not valid: expired.
You will have to show treatment and sobriety for at least the last year or two. That is no drinking at all. Additional...
Can a person use temporary insanity plea for a defense on a DUI or DWI charge
I got a phone call from my ex-wife that my daughter had ran away from home in the middle of the night I was at home sleep when my wife call me at 3 in the morning woke me up out my sleep with disturbing news that my daughter ran away from home I was drinking the night before I went to sleep around 12:30 at night got the phone call about 3 in the morning without thinking I immediately jumped in the car and went to head to my wife house got pulled over on my way there by Troy police department and now I'm being charged with DUI
You could certainly TRY to use that as a defense, but you would have to have expert testimony to support your claim....