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Can i fight this. Can you be charged for public drunk in your yard and also with dog in large?
i live in gautier ms.. i was in my yard and got charged with dog in large and public drunk.
No to the public drunk. Consult with one of us local attorneys and see how we can help you. Many of us offer free...
Is it possible to have a drivers license reinstated while paying off fines?
I'm a 62 yr. old man on disability paying off several thousands of dollars in fines accumulated 15-20 yrs. ago for D.U.I.s and D.U.S.s. I'm also a recovering alcoholic of 5 yrs., very involved in A.A.
I don't practice in your State but I suspect if you contact the agency that issues licenses in your State they can...
Can I get a a first DUI expunged if I have a second DUI??
I was 18 when I got my first DUI and my attorney was supposed to get it expunged but I found out when I got a second DUI it wasn't expunged. Can I still have it expunged? Unfortunately I was young and dumb on the first one and wasted my money on a sorry attorney.
You can not expunge the first one now, and unfortunately you can't non-adjudicate the second one. However, you may be...
What is required in FL when your FL licence was suspended in another state?
Son moved to Ms but had not changed his license yet. He was given6 months probation and fines. Took all classes needed. He doesn't want FL licence back only cleared so he can get Ms licence
You'll have to clear up the hold in the suspension in the state where the arrest occurred.
Can a cop pull you over for suspected dui out of his jurisdiction?
I was driving home early in the morning (5:30 a.m.) after being up for 24 hours. I had been driving for an hour and a half and was tired and ready to be home. While driving down the interstate, a cop from a neighboring city pulled me over for swerving. He asked if I would give a roadside breathe test which I declined since i had drank 5 beers earlier in the night. After I declined, he informed me that he would have to call the cops from the city he pulled me over in. The law in my state does not allow cops to make arrest outside of their jurisdiction. The other cops showed up where then the cop that pulled me over left. I again declined the breathilzer. I did, however, agree to a field soberity test. After the field sobering test (which I did not make any major mistakes as far as balance, counting steps, or trying to trip me up with repeating questions such as my address and social security number), the cop decided to arrest me for DUI refusal. I wasn't written a ticket for careless driving or any other violation. I guess my main question is will this stick up in court especially since the arresting officer did not witness me swerving and a cop from another city pulled me over?
Yes, the jurisdiction that issued you the citation can go forward with prosecution. However, in addition to the...
DUI expongement possible?
Non adjudicated DUI Dismissed First offense Refusal of breathalyzer
The answer to your question should be a lot simpler but the Mississippi legislature keeps changing the DUI law every...
How do I expunge my first DUI offense? Am I eligible.
Put down as a refusal because I wasn't able to successfully complete breathalyzer. I have completed MASEP, VIP, and almost done with probation. No prior offenses with law.
Unfortunately, you are currently not eligible to expunge a DUI "conviction" under the facts that you have stated. The "...