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My drivers license been gone for 27 years I was there in the courtroom in 1990 and the judge was giving every body time so I lef
I need my drivers license back as soon as possible
Good news is that with the assistance if a skilled attorney you probably can get your driving privileges back, but...
Can a officer leave a dui case and reopen it later
Fiancée got pulled by one officer and arrested by another arresting officer showed up everytime to court the other never has. Case has been continued sevral times. According to officer that pulled her over in his report he pulled her because she fit a description of a suspect. Well now the d.a offered reckless driving as a plea we agreed to fight since he had no right to pull her to begin with but the other officer basically said he would leave case and open it a month later to give thw other officer more time so they can try and get dui conviction
The officer can't "leave a case." The DA's Office can dismiss the case"with leave" then recharge. Your fiancée needs to...
I was charged and convicted of a dui in 2007. My liscence was suspended permenantly. I was told to complete probation and adets
I was charged and convicted of a dui in 2007. My liscence was suspended permenantly. I was told to complete probation and adets classes i have one left. I understand that i have a hearing with the nc dmv to restore my dl. In 2014 i was charged with dwlr that case has been continued in the hooes i can regain my dl before then. My question is when i go to the hearing will they not allow me to get a lic bc the pending dwlr theres not a conviction
I don't think you will be able to get your license back until you have completed all the terms and conditions of the...
What can I do about a dwi that happen 27 year's ago missed court but been in jail it never came up so there is no warrant shoul
Should I just go to the da and ask for prayer for judgement or dismissal
PJC's cannot be granted for DWI's. You cannot drive until this has been cleared up. The DA will cheerfully tell you to...
Have a question about a legal matter
I was charged with a dwlr for a dui in 2007
Ok, so you were charged withDWLR -impaired or DWLR because you were charged with DWI somewhere in NC in 2007. or...
What do I do?
I received a dwi in SC but live in NC. SC says I have to take adsap to be allowed to drive again. If I take classes in SC will NC recognize them? I'm trying to get limited driving privileges back in NC.
You can file for a limited driving privilege without the alcohol assessment in North Carolina if your conviction was in...
I was arrested for a DUI a week back
I was arrested for a DUI last week and my court date is pending.I am an IT consultant and have a job already but i was also applying for new jobs and i as i am on Work permit so i filled up their paperwork 2 weeks back marking "I don't have any arrests" as i did not.Now i am worried that arrest will come up after the background check and i will be honest when filling the background application form. Can this hamper my chances of getting this job?
All you can do is be as honest as you can. If you were not arrested at the time you filled out the application, you...