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When I google my name this company JUSTIA.COM show my cases and name from a DUI in 2007, question how can i legally get this
information of the internet off, what procedures can i take. I received a DUI in New jersey so it is effective my career.. Please advise. I did contact and they said if I have a judge approval they will take it off. But what legal steps do i take and how much....ect Best thanks
It appears Justica is located in California, I would contact a CA attorney to send a letter requesting the informaiton...
How can my husband get out of a dwi & dwi refusal, when he is on prescribed pain medication and anxiety medication?
Is there a way that my husband will be able to get out both a dwi & a dwi refusal? He blew the first time, refused it the second time because he is on a high dosage of pain medication & anxiety medication.
Too little facts to give you any meaingful response. It is case by case and I'd need to review the entire discovery....
What is your advice ? What I can to do for closed this case? Саn I ask the Court closed this case?
I returned back from the at 9 PM by train and took the car from N.J parking lot go to the Home. But during the ride to Home I fill drowsiness and tired and I did EMERGENCE STOP like the SAFETY RECOMMENDATIONS for Drivers for a rest on the parking lot at some where near a restaurant.I don't remember how I fell to deep sleep. I was awakened by a loud noise. The first moment I did not understand what was happening . Maybe I looked strange for the Police but from rapid awakening I was dazed and confused. English Language is my second language and I did not understand what I'm to blame. They searched my car (all clean,no drugs) and my Alcohol Test show negative result . I lead a healthy lifestyle-no alcohol and drugs. I took only a pill (Naproxen) for a pain in my back, which my Doctor wrote for me. Now I have charged with 2C:35-10B and 2C:29-1A. And my Life go to Hell !!! I am not guilty!
The court will likely not "close" anything - you will have to defend the charges. You can defend these charges with an...
I got DUI ticket. please help.
Yesterday late afternoon I arrested for two hours in cliffside park police dept. I drunk 4 cans of beer and sake with family in house. After then I tried to move my car to the other side because my car block the driveway. When I tried to park, my car was bumped into a car which was parked. That car damaged a little bit dent front bumper. At that time, a neighbor who saw that situation called police. I did roadside tests and then they arrested me. After then in police office I did breath test. I didn't refuse breath test. but they didn't get result so I did 3 times. and then they just released me with 5 tickets. 1. Operating under influence of liquor or drugs. 2. Refusal to submit to chemical test, penalties. 3. Reckless driving. 4. DWI on school property or within 1000 ft of school. 5. Careless driving : likely to endanger person. court date is 6/23/16 6PM now I am waiting enlist us army at 7/18/16 if I convicted all this ticket, I can not enlist us army. this is my first with this problem.
You need to hire an experienced DUI attorney immediately. These cases usually take 2 months or more to resolve. The...
Can a recent DUI be vacated by filling a PCR application to prevent enhanced consequences of Driving While Suspended for DUI?
I originally plead guilty to my first ever DUI on 02/01/2016. I received a 7 month loss of license because It was a drug related dui. Soon afterwards about the first week of April 16' motor vehicle sent me a letter stating they were taking action against me. They said in addition to the 7 month loss of license, they were administratively suspending me an additional 6 months for driving while suspended. They said this was because on 05/12/2015 Haddon Heights Court suspended my license due to non-compliance with a time payment order. Then on 05/13/2015, the very next day, I got a DUI in Washington Twp. When I got the DUI I was not ticketed for DWS, and neither myself nor the cop knew I was a suspended driver. I want to know if I can file a PCR to possibly vacate and even fight the DUI because in addition to the what id call unfair admin suspension, I got caught in evesham twp. in the beginning of the month driving on a DUI related suspension that is currently pending. Could vacating the DUI due to the adverse admin action motor vehicle took against me possibly help with the DWS I received in evesham twp.? The main reason I didn't fight it was bc it was linked to an indictable.
The adverse action taken by the MVC is not in my view a basis for filing a PCR on the DWI. The appropriate action...
NJ DUI with NY License
I refused a breathalizer test and was released with 3 tickets but was not given a summons for refusal. Any suggestions or knowledge on what is next for me. My license is NY and this happened in NJ
Can still mail you tickets for refusal or charge you with DWI based on observation. Or both.
Can I get a public defender for a DWI case?
I lost control of my car and crashed into someones fence. I also broke my foot in the accident. When the cops came I was already waiting outside of my car. They asked me if I needed medical attention but I refused, thinking my ankle was just sprained. They gave me the field sobriety tests on grass but I failed because my ankle/foot hurt. Then they arrested me and took me to the station where they observed me then gave me the breathalyzer. Then they wrote the tickets and gave me my cell phone back and called someone to pick me up. I already spoke to two lawyers and both said the case against me looks strong, and that the judge in Tenafly is very strict. I have NO money at all especially since I have not been able to work due to my injury. My question is can I be able to get a public defender? Or is it better for me to just plead guilty and get it over with? My court appearance is actually this Wednesday.
You may be able to do so if you are in a County that it is offered and your income is below certain amount.