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What are the chances of a 2nd OVI being reduced and to what?
I have my first OVI back in 2013 and haven't gotten into trouble with the law since then until this past weekend.. I was charged with my second OVI, reasonable control and child endangerment.. I wasn't drinking so my BAC levels were .00 but I hit a bowl of spice (k2/synthetic marijuana), blacked out and hopped a curb and was unresponsive until EMS got to me. At the hospital I did agree to a blood test but I'm not too sure how that spice stuff works in your system. Is there any chance the OVI will be dropped down? and if it can what would it be dropped down to?
It is possible to get a reduction depending on the individual prosecutor, judge, and circumstances, but you have some...
Can you be required to take a drug test after being suspended.
I was told that I was suspended until further investigation and to turn in my name badge. After they suspended me they said that I need to go to a center for testing. I went to testing site and found out that the test was to be observed. I gave a sample and it was not enough so the throw it out. I want for two more hours and I couldn't urinate so I left. The company I work for stated that since I didn't leave a sample it was refusal to test and I got fired. Can this company require an observed test and can they require me to take the test after I was suspended.
I imagine this is covered in your contract or company policies and that there are situations in which the company may...
I have 2 dui warrants but will the police come looking for me? However I moved they don't have my new address.
Difficult to answer the question of whether the law enforcement agency will come looking for you or not. That depends...
So I got an OVI the other day and I didn't I don't know what to do.
Should I get an attorney ? Should I use the public defender ?
You should get an experienced aggressive OVI attorney. You are facing mandatory jail and up to three year license...
Can my breathalyzer test results be suppressed?
I was charged with an ovi and upon arrival at the station was asked if I would agree to take a breath test for bac. After weighing the options of refusal and consent, I asked the officer if I had to take a breath test or I could instead do the blood test. He did not give me the option to take the blood test and I then took the breath test and blew a .165. I also only blew once and I've heard that most states require two separate breath tests, using the lower score. Do I have grounds for the suppression of the breath test results?
Your breath test may be suppressed for a number of reasons that might not be immediately apparent. Many states do...
I was on probation for 3 years with possible 2 year extension , 3 years are up but they didn't extend. Am I on probation or not?
I also owe restitution but my probation officer isn't really enforcing it. Looked on court docket and no mention of extension. Looked on co-defendant docket his probation officer put in extensive for 2 more years to pay restitution. My 3 years is up yesterday with no word of extension, can they file extension after 3 year time frame? Am I off probation? I haven't spoke to my officer cause I don't want to remind him that 3 years is up and he file extension. Any suggestions?
The first thing I would suggest is that you pay the restitution. Most courts will not terminate a probation until the...
Suspended license in another state
will a misdemeanor bench warrant from 4 years ago in north carolina prevent me from getting a license in ohio? My license is currently a nc license and it is suspended. Im not sure if it is suspended from/by ohio or north carolina the only thing legal in ohio is fines from traffic tickets. If i pay the fines in ohio can i get an ohio drivers license; without dealing with the misdemeanor bench warrant out of nc?
Ohio will not give you a driver's license with a pending out-of-state suspension. You will have to deal with the...