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How hard is it to get a dui sealed in ma?
It was over 10 years ago
it's pretty hard. Does this answer your question?
Final cost for DUI in Mass
My husband got pulled over for DUI got arrested and this is his first charge and his past record is clean how much will court fees and reinstatement and other fees cost? And are there payment plans for some is the fees? Also he failed the breatherlizer test should we still get a lawyer maybe to lower his DUI charge to reckless driving? His alcohol level was 0.9.
.09 is close to the limit so it might be worth a lawyer. There are degrees of error that would make a .09 defensible....
I had my record sealed including duis will the duis still show up on my driving record does the dmv get notified
im a truck driver and i have 2 ouis in mass 1 92 and 95 plus 98 driving while suspended so its hard to advance my career or find a better job
I am not certain about Massachusetts, but in Illinois it is impossible to seal any DUI instances. IT is a great public...
What should i expect with a OUI then getting arrested for getting caught driving.
I was going for a job interview i have no licence un registered and unishured car and no inspection sticker. A statie pulled up and then proceeded to arrest me in the parking lot. I am on probation already unsupervised and im under 21.
Driving with a suspended license for OUI carries a minimum jail term of 60 days. You need to contact a lawyer...
I got a dui 10 years ago.can I still get my license to carry or an F ID card in Massachusetts?
I was capught driving under the influence of alcohol. I went to court to fight it but I was found guilty. This was ten years ago.
A Firearm? I'm not exactly sure what you're referring to. If the avvo attorneys can't help you, consider calling...
If you already have the interlock device in MA can I move to another state
IF I have a interlock device in MA and move to another state and sign my right to drive away in MA will I have to get another one put in car in that state?example Conn. Keep in mind these DUI's were over 14 yrs ago or should I just get my licence reinstated in mass signing my right to drive in this state away then get the licence in another state?
You should consult attorneys and the DMV/MVA in both states. You may be able to relinquish your right to drive in MA...
I got a cwof for 1st offense dui liquor. I went to get my license reinstated and they said it costs $1000. All the paperwork the
RMV sent me stated it will cost $500. The hearings officer stated the other fee was a breathalyzer fee. All of my court fees were paid in full following my case. Is this fee new in the state of Massachusetts?
No this not new, your license was suspended for either a refusal or a test over. Then you took the CWOF and a 45 day...