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How hard is it to get a dui sealed in ma?
It was over 10 years ago
it's pretty hard. Does this answer your question?
Final cost for DUI in Mass
My husband got pulled over for DUI got arrested and this is his first charge and his past record is clean how much will court fees and reinstatement and other fees cost? And are there payment plans for some is the fees? Also he failed the breatherlizer test should we still get a lawyer maybe to lower his DUI charge to reckless driving? His alcohol level was 0.9.
.09 is close to the limit so it might be worth a lawyer. There are degrees of error that would make a .09 defensible....
What should i expect with a OUI then getting arrested for getting caught driving.
I was going for a job interview i have no licence un registered and unishured car and no inspection sticker. A statie pulled up and then proceeded to arrest me in the parking lot. I am on probation already unsupervised and im under 21.
Driving with a suspended license for OUI carries a minimum jail term of 60 days. You need to contact a lawyer...
Does dcf give hair folical tests in massachusetts
Not usually. It is almost always a urine test sometimes a blood test is done.
Third offense DUI, how long can it be continued?
My friend was arrested for a 3rd offense DUI over 2 years ago. He took the breathalyzer, which he failed, was arrested and lost his license. After 30 days, he paid the reinstatement fee, and got his license back - and has been driving without restrictions since it was reinstated. The court put him on a home breathalyzer monitor, 3 - 5 tests a day - which have all been negative for alcohol. The breathalyzer results from the night he was arrested are being challenged due to possibly not being properly calibrated. As mentioned, this case just passed 2 years of continuances while awaiting calibration records/results... How long can this continue? Is this something that should eventually be dismissed due to the amount of time that has passed?
Knowing only what you have written here, the answer is that it can be continued until both the prosecutor and the...
Got pulled over for crossing yellow line . refused breath test ...police told me I would only lose license for six mouths for refusal. tricked me.
Yes, you do indeed have a chance to get your CDL back; however, not right away. The federal statute governing CDLs...
How does the system works if the police didn't file cremial charges against me, can the court proceed with this matter. I told t
I went to test drive a car but didn't have my license the dealer ran my ss# and said I was good to drive. After leaving the dealer I got into an accident. The police arrived and said noithing..3 days later I received a citation driven on a suspended licence. The registry knows nothing can the court fie charges if the police didn't file a complaint.
The police are filing a complaint by giving you that citation for a criminal charge. There should be a courthouse name...