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Should I renew my work authorization permit/Differed action before my DUI shows on my record?
I just got a DUI a week ago. My DACA permit expires on 9/4/2016 and my court day for the DUI is June 22 2016. DO YOU THINK I CAN RENEW MY WORK AUTHORIZATION PERMIT/DACA BEFORE THAT DUI SHOWS ON MY RECORD? I do have a lawyer that is going to try to fight that DUI.
Likely you will not be able to renew your DACA/EAD before 6/22/16. Make sure your criminal attorney understands that...
I was arrested for DUI after blowing a .08(I am 20 years old). I have a lawyer already, can I avoid having my license suspended?
The officer claimed he stopped me because my headlights were out and I turned them on once I passed his car. I know this isn't true but I don't know how that can be proven. My car is red and heavily tinted so I get pulled over often just because. I passed the field test and I'm not sure what I blew when they had me sit on the curb. They said they were going to let me go until they asked my age, I turn 21 in 3 months. I blew .08 at the station and the officer informed me the charge would likely be reduced because of low BAC. I hired a lawyer immediately after who said the same thing. This is somewhat of a relief but I can not lose my license, I live by myself, attend night classes 20 minutes away and I work 30 minutes away. Is there any way to save my license, DMV record and criminal record
Yes, its not easy and the facts have to be there but yes, DMV hearings can be won.
Is a DUI considered a "serious" misdemeanor?
I applied for a job at the airport and one of the questions asked if I had a "serious" misdemeanor but I wasn't sure what a DUI is considered so I put no, I've had 2 interviews already and of course they're going to do a background check, should I bring it to their attention?
It's a fairly serious misdemeanor. It's odd question for them to ask, but it will be revealed, so you should probably...
I got probation for 3yrs on a dui, its been 2years now everything paid off and done. Can i file for expongement?
First dui
You will want to consult with a California attorney. But generally, you need to complete all requirements before an...
Can I get a CDL in Texas moving from California if I got 2 DUI's in 2005
I received a DUI in July of 05 and then another in October of 2005. Since then (9 yrs) I have not had any infractions or points on my driving record. I'm currently considering moving to Texas and starting my own car transport company using a dodge ram 3500 dually pulling a 3 car wedge trailer. GVRW will be over 26001. I believe I need a CDL to do this. Will I be able to get A CDL with those DUI's?
I am assuming you fully took care of the the DUI 's fully. This question should be presented to a Texas attorney as...
How to proof DUI dissmissed?
I was arrested DUI and went to jail. I went to court but my case was changed to driving without lisence. I showed my valid lisence and case dissmissed. Now I need a proof about my arrest to obtain a permanent residence card. How can I proof?
You can get a docket of your case at the court clerk's office and have it certified. Also, visit the arresting police...
DUI: I filed a 1538.5 motion. Lost. Accepted a wet reckless before trial. 1538.5 motion still appealable?
Charged with 1st time DUI. Filed 1538.5 motion on 1/18/13. Lost. Accepted wet reckless later. Basing its ruling on 1538.5 (m), the appellate court in People v. Gutierrez (B169161A 12/16/04 CA2/6Pen Cod ยง 1538.5) ruled that such motion is appealable after a plea of guilty provided at some stage of the proceeding, such motion has been filed. 1. Am I right? Is 1538.5 motion appealable even after acceptance of wet reckless. 2. How much time do I have? 30 days from acceptance of wet reckless based on CRC 8.853? 3. How do I ask for a stay of sentence (based on wet reckless)? First file an appeal, then present the court with the appeal stamped received by the clerk?
Do you have an attorney?