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  • Harbor Gateway gang members sentenced for Torrance t...

    Thursday Sep 11 | via Inland Valley Daily Bulletin 

    Two Harbor Gateway gang members have been sentenced to long prison terms for their roles in a shooting that wounded a tagger at a busy Torrance intersection, police and prosecutors said Thursday. Jesus “Triste” Reyes, 20, of Torrance and Carlos “Flaco” Hernandez, 27, of Gardena each pleaded guilty to attempted murder charges in connection with the July 19, 2013, shooting on Arlington Street near Carson Street, Deputy District Attorney Christopher Hartman said.


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I was arrested DUI and went to jail. I went to court but my case was changed to driving without lisence. I showed my valid lisence and case dissmissed. Now I need a proof about my arrest to obtain a permanent residence card. How can I proof?
You can get a docket of your case at the court clerk's office and have it certified. Also, visit the arresting police...
I received a DUI in July of 05 and then another in October of 2005. Since then (9 yrs) I have not had any infractions or points on my driving record. I'm currently considering moving to Texas and starting my own car transport company using a dodge ram 3500 dually pulling a 3 car wedge trailer. GVRW will be over 26001. I believe I need a CDL to do this. Will I be able to get A CDL with those DUI's?
I am assuming you fully took care of the the DUI 's fully. This question should be presented to a Texas attorney as...
Charged with 1st time DUI. Filed 1538.5 motion on 1/18/13. Lost. Accepted wet reckless later. Basing its ruling on 1538.5 (m), the appellate court in People v. Gutierrez (B169161A 12/16/04 CA2/6Pen Cod ยง 1538.5) ruled that such motion is appealable after a plea of guilty provided at some stage of the proceeding, such motion has been filed. 1. Am I right? Is 1538.5 motion appealable even after acceptance of wet reckless. 2. How much time do I have? 30 days from acceptance of wet reckless based on CRC 8.853? 3. How do I ask for a stay of sentence (based on wet reckless)? First file an appeal, then present the court with the appeal stamped received by the clerk?
Do you have an attorney?
I need to file an appeal on my 1538.5 motion. I am filing up CR-134. I am not sure which record of oral proceedings gives me the best chance of winning the appeal. Please assume that they are all available. If it is relevant, my case is in Alhambra Courthouse, LA County. Choices: Reporter's Transcript Transcript from Official Electronic Recording Copy of Official Electronic Recording Statement of Appeal Please advice.
Transcript. You can cite from mistake as interpretation of words.
i completed my 3 month D.u.i. classes. I don't own a car. Yet, i keep getting letter from DMV stating that i need to install the IID in order for me to get my driving privilages.. I thought, as long as i dont own a car, i dont have to install the IID.. please help!
I believe you must make an application for the exemption within 30 days of the order from DMV. I was also told there...
I was arrested my CHP for DUI. After being released from being held overnight I received no paperwork and have not received anything in the mail to let me know my courtdate or charges.
Depends. Were you booked into jail, or taken to a "sobriety house" (we call it "First Chance" in the Bay Area, but...
my ticket was issued 10-7-11 and my court date says 1/26/11. I also cannot find my ticket online using both my citation # and my DL#. I have not received any papers from the court and it has been over 60days since my ticket was issued
In all likelyhood your court date is 1/26/12. But call the court clerk and they can tell you when your court date is....