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  • Texas man kills himself after shooting two teens

    Tuesday Aug 15 | via Daily Mail 

    Man, 57, kills himself in parking garage of hospital where two teenage boys are recovering after he shot them in road-rage incident Ernest Milligan, 57, killed himself one day after he shot 13 rounds into a car with three teenagers inside in Galveston, Texas, on Friday evening. He hit two teen boys, but the teen girl with them was not injured A man killed himself one day after he shot 13 rounds into a car with three teenagers inside during a road rage incident.


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  • Family and friends mourn 'Prisoner 88' Sigmund Sobol...

    Wednesday Aug 9 | via The Fort Macleod Gazette 

    A man who survived the horrors of Auschwitz and went on to become a businessman, activist and author died Monday in Cuba. Sigmund Sobolewski, who came to be known as "Prisoner 88" for the number he was assigned when interned into the Nazi death camp, was 94. Sobolewski was one of 744 Catholics arrested by the Nazis on June 14, 1940 in his small town and taken to a warehouse.


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  • Witness: Robert Durst and his first wife had marital...

    Wednesday Jul 26 | via Los Angeles Times 

    New York real estate scion Robert Durst in a Los Angeles courtroom earlier this year for a hearing in his murder case. New York real estate scion Robert Durst in a Los Angeles courtroom earlier this year for a hearing in his murder case.


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Galveston Law

What to do when i moss court 2nd dwi?
Misdemeanor, though i was at fault of an accident. Missed court date due to no ride.
Call your attorney to see what you can do to get back in the court's good graces. I'm switching the practice area...
I got my first DWI as an international student. What will happen? Will the DUWI affect my green card application?
My first time DWI happen in Galveston TX. Breath test is 0,11. There is no accident or anything else. Is it affect my green car application. or any change that i can do to dismiss as a first time. because i don't want this make difficult things for my culture and future.
Based on what information you've provided, you're going to need an experienced DWI attorney. You should consider hiring...
Ex can take custody issue back to court this month. He refuses to take drug test for me and I have this order in divorce decree to have him tested 2 times a year but he states he is taking his own drug test in a bigger city. He needs to prove he is drug free . I am afraid he is going to have someone else take his place for test and that is why he is unwilling to take a test I am asking for. If he is clean for his test, should not have problem taking one that I asked for too. Thing is, he wants to take it back to court as soon as he get results. Can he have me served and for me to appear in court within 1-2 days of being served without my having been able to retain a lawyer and have my case be ready to present case against what he is asking for?
Yes if you are served with a summons you must appear in Court with or without a lawyer.
2nd Motion to Revoke Felony DWI Probation
When a 2nd Motion to Revoke probation is filed on a person during one probation period, this one being for Felony DWI probation, what are the chances they will just get a slap on the wrist again? I know a person who has continued to drink, mix pills with alcohol, hang out in bars, go work out of state, etc. because he believes he is above the law, authority, and no one will run his life. A textbook narcissist who has bled evil and chaos into a lot of our lives the past few years, and he's sitting in jail right now in Galveston Co. with a Motion to Revoke his probation (it's a page long list, but nothing directly related to being drunk), the first one they filed 3 years ago during his first year on probation for being caught driving under the influence of pills and it looks like they basically let it go, based on public records. Surely this time they will be harsher punishment, thoughts?
Thoughts? People can only get so far before the hammer comes down and they are sent to prison.
What do I need to do about this drug citation
The police pulled me and my four friends over in galveston. They did not tell me why they pulled me over but they had all of us get out of the car they asked each of us if they would find drugs in the car if they look everyone said they wern't sure. We had been hanging out on the beach previously smoking blunts and we worn't sure if there was any in the vehicle they never asked to search my car they just sat all of us down on the curb and started going through everything. They found a very small amount of weed in a baggie. The police officer then targeted each of us with insulting and triggering comments until he got a reaction from my friend who back talked trying to defend herself, they then arrested her, although she was not read her rights and was charged with not wearing a seatbelts and given a fine. Im hoping to bring whatever fines there may be for my citation down due to all of the mistakes they made. Is that possible? I've never been in trouble with the law and I have no idea where to start.
Dont play lawyer ad try to do this on the cheap. Hire a a lwyer to help you.
Why is dmt drug illegal if it natural
why is dmt drug illegal if it natural
For the same reason marijuana is illegal: the legislature made a law criminalizing possession of it.
What will happen to me i have court soon on my 2nd dwi my 1st one is disposed
I have a court hearing soon for my second dwi offense my first one is disposed i want to know if i will go to jail or if they will give me probation i have an attorney i hired but want to get opinions from someone else
If you hired a lawyer, presumably you trust him/her to protect your freedom. Only your lawyer will have complete access...