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Will my license be suspended in Illinois if I have a street value drug fine reduced to judgement
I was charged with possession of marijuana and a 15000 dollar street value fine but the judge reduced the fine to question is will they take put a hold on my license for not paying it?
Only if it was reported to Secretary of State as having occurred in a motor vehicle.
What are the consequences of a third underage consumption charge?
I recently received my third charge for underage consumption. I have just turned twenty years old and i received my first one when i was 16 and received my second charge about a month and a half ago. For the first charge they fined me 150$ and took my license for three months. For my second charge, they fined me 300$ and i am still waiting on my letter from the secretary of state on weather or not i lose my license. What are the minimum and maximum fines as and penalties i could be looking at for my third consumption charge?
Underage consumption is a Class A Misdemeanor. It is punishable by up to 364 days in the jail and/or a fine of up to $...
If a person refuses the bac test, do the police have a legal obligation to inform you of the consequences of the refusal
I was not told it was an automatic dui conviction if i refused to blow
Refusal to blow is not an automatic DUI.
I was arrested for OWI in IA 5/03 it was dismissed I tried to renew my IL license and cant, IA says I have to take classes etc..
is this possible if the charge was dismissed?
Illinois will not renew your license until you have satisfied all the requirements of Iowa, paid all fees and otherwise...
Will I be able to become a nurse with a DUI ? What will happen now with a DUI? Can I get denied a job with a DUI?
I recently got arrested in Addison, IL for driving under the influence, not having a valid driver's liscense and having open alcohol. I was 0.162 on the breathalyzer. I have never gotten stopped by the police nor have had any tickets. I'm a first time offender . I did get my liscense revoked for 6 months. I am 21 years old. My question is what will happen now ? Like what's the worse that will happen to me? Will this effect me from getting into nursing school? Can I drive to work, school ? Will I need a permit to commute to my destination?
A DUI is a Class A misdemeanor. You can be jailed for up to a year and fined up to $2,500. Time to get a lawyer...
What do you have to do to get your driver's license reinstated after a DUI?
My son was convicted of a DUI in Wisconsin. He had served a one-year suspension in both Illinois and Wisconsin, when he was notified, because of clerical error, he needed to serve another years' suspension (suspensions that should have been served concurrently were not). He is nearing the end of his second year's suspension and was denied a hardship license because his father drives him to work daily (they work at the same place). He has taken all required alcohol related classes. He was told by a lawyer today that he cannot get his license reinstated until he has a hardship license for 9 months, (which he was denied). and pays additional fees. I know he made a mistake, but this is getting ridiculous...they have him jumping through hoops that don't even exist.
It sounds as though your son is under 21 and that he was originally suspended in Illinois based on an alleged test...
My license is revoked for DUI/reclkless homicied what should I do?
The accident happened In 1998. I recicieved the notice in 2000 that in 2001 my license was getting revoked , I've gone eight times withdrawn three times, rescheduled once and denied three times.....
If it were me, I'd get a lawyer who emphasizes license restoration (not just a "DUI Lawyer") before going to an...