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If dmv reduced DUI to a wreckless driving and not a wet one, what can DMV do if I was on DUI probation with zero tolerance?
If dmv reduced DUI to a wreckless driving and not a wet one, what can DMV do if I was on DUI probation with zero tolerance? Can I be required to complete DUI program or license suspension?
I'm not sure what your question is, the DMV doesn't "reduce" DUI's to reckless driving charges they can only suspend or...
What do I need to do to get my license back after completing all my classes and paid fines after a DUI seven years ago?
Seven and a half years ago I was arrested for a DUI. I competed all classes and paid all the fines, but never applied for another license. I now would like to get my license reinstated, but don't have the completed class paperwork and don't know how to obtain it since that company is no longer in business. What do I need to do prove completion to get back on the road legally?
Have you attempted going to DMV? They might the proof you need, If they don't and you can't find proof, try the Court...
If a person would like to get a hair drug test can a person get a hair cut at a typical hair cut shop and then take....
the hair to a hair drug testing center for evaluation of any drugs in the person's system? And also have the hair DNA tested at the drug testing center?
If it is your own hair make sure the barber has very clean scissors and then the specimens should be both drug and DNA...
Can I smoke marijuana on dui probation since prop 64 passed in California ?
On probation I get random drug tests I was wondering am I allowed to smoke while on my five-year probation sentence term since prop 64 passed
No. No drugs is no drugs. Example: Judges can also order no alcohol
I want to know if my husband got deported for a dui is it harder to fix his papers
my husband and i got married in mexico he is still in mexico i want to fix his papers so he can come back is it harder to fix his papers because of a deportation he had a dui
What "papers" are you "fixing?". You probably need to talk to an immigration attorney.
What is the difference between arrested for public drunk on Alias name
What is the difference between arrested on public drunk on Alias name by PD and trying cross the border illegally with somebody else's of identity my neighbor is married to a US citizen and she Want to fix his status but he thinks because he was arrested with an Alias name his visa get denied because a made up name he been living in the us for 14 years
This seems to be an immigration question.
Can I legally possess a firearm in California with multiple misdemeanor DUI convictions?
I have been convicted of three misdemeanor DUIs in California as follows: 2003 (Merced County), 2006 (Merced County) and 2012 (Sacramento County). The 2003 DUI was initially charged as a felony but it was dropped and I was charged with misdemeanor DUI. Before being granted emancipation as a minor, I was convicted of assault & battery and given probation as a juvenile. Given this situation, am I legally allowed to possess a firearm in California? If not, what can I do to "earn back" my Second Amendment rights? Thank you for your help.
You should be able to. To verify, do a PFEC (personal firearms eligibility check) through the department of justice....