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I am attempting to obtain a New Mexico Driver's License but was told i had to talk to DWI unit due to TX DWI 10 years ago
Main detail is that I was not permitted to obtain DL without talking to DWI unit. Have current ND DL and have not had any subsequent charges on driving records. Completed multiple courses post TX DWI including ankle monitor for alcohol.
Sounds like you had best follow their advice--speak to a TX attorney in the county where the court sits: either...
How many times can a courts be continued in New Mexico
okay here's my situation I have a criminal case that's been going on for almost 2 years now and I've been to court 6 times already and every single time it's been continued because of the DA and they've already given me two competency test on me and back in 2009 I had another competency test on me and it found me not competent and then I had to see the da is dr. back in 2015 and it found me competent and then my attorney had me do another one last year with one of his doctors and it found me not competent and now I have to take another competency test before January 24th
When competency is raised, the usual timelines go right out the window because a stay is ordered in the case. Two years...
I was drunk and called the cops on my husband. I was in a blackout and I dont remember anything
He is charged with domestic battery. He was charged in 12/18/2016. He does not have a public defender yet. I tried to drop the charges because he didnt do anything to me. They wont let me drop the charges. How ling is this going to take.
Dropping the charge is not an option that is available to you at this point. Prosecutors will often take victim's...
I got a blood test for suspected dwi my alcohol level was 0.01 But I Had Meth IN My System 0.05 Can They Get ME For dui
I fell asleep at the wheel of my vehicle and at the hospital cop smelled alcohol on me and gave me a blood test blood test came back 0.01 alcohol and 0.05 methephedamine
Yes they can. Best to hire an attorney for the best result
What are the possible fines and/or jail times for a first time dui/leaving the scene of an accident offense in New Mexico?
my ex-wife was driving my truck, blacked out, and ran it into a telephone pole. she was charged with dui and leaving the scene of an accident, what could she be facing, her name is on the insurance. they did not do a blood test for about 4 1/2 hours.
Assuming that it is her first DUI, and they did not charge her with Aggravated DUI, she could do up to 90 days for the...
3rd probation violation, Driving under a revoked license
We were pulled over under false pretenses, his vehicle was decribed as someone doing "donuts" at Walmart. I am a witness that he was not. He was not given any citation from the officer.
Thank you for sharing your story . Do you have a question your attorney can not answer knowing all the facts and evidence?
I had a case open against me for marijuana use. Have not heard anything since drug testing occurred.
Will this prevent me from getting a job at the local head start?
If they do a background check and see the charge it might affect you. Once you receive the results back and you have...