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  • New Mexico drunk driver is arrested after he crashes...

    Monday Oct 24 | via Daily Mail 

    From junkie ex-prisoner living on Skid Row to a multi-millionaire juice tycoon: Meet the Malibu mogul, 46, who turned his life around in just 13 years by creating a health drink empire Terminally ill mom, 33, was refused access to chemotherapy but told she could get suicide drugs for just $1.20 - despite wanting to prolong her life Why a simple cracker holds the secret to your dream body: Genetic self-test shows how well you can handle carbs Jane Fonda's ex-husband Tom Hayden who was one of the Chicago Seven group of radical activists dies aged 76 Innocent parade or 'frightening' show of force to 'intimidate and ostracize'? Black groups complain about 'aggressive' service honoring police at high school football game amid anthem protests Crusaders in Lululemon! HUNDREDS of yoga-pant loving women march on man's Rhode Island home after he writes scathing letter claiming they look ... (more)


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  • Suspected drunken driver slams into medical helicopt...

    Sunday Oct 23 | via KRMG-AM Tulsa 

    A suspected drunken driver went through a road block and around two fire trucks before plowing into a medical helicopter at the scene of a separate accident early Sunday. Glenn Livingston, 26, of Gallup, New Mexico, is charged with aggravated driving while intoxicated, resisting arrest and other charges, according to the Albuquerque Journal .


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Gallup Law

Can a DUI get suppressed if the two officers wrote two different details on the report
One wrote that I was driving west on bridge and the other wrote I was going south on sunset when I was actually traveling north on sunset. Bridge and sunset is an intersection
No man. Not even close. There are ways to get a DWI dismissed. This is definitely not one of them. Talk to an attorney...
How do I get my license back.
Back in 2011 I wrecked my vehicle because I fell asleep at the wheel nobody was involved just me and a big boulder. WHEN the cops came I needed to go to the hospital so I told them I would give them a blood test instead of blowing. They charged me with d u I. And now my license is revoked because I didn't know there was two separate hearings I had to go to. I can't afford a interlock and I don't have a vehicle.
Under New Mexico's implied consent laws, if you don't blow, there is an automatic revocation. There is no way around...
How do I fight DUI charges in another state?
I was in California visiting family. On my way back to new mexico I was pulled over in Blythe CA because my lisence plate lights were out. The officer mentioned my eyes looking glossy. I explained I had been driving all day and it was 10 at night, I was getting a lil sleepy. The officer had me get out of the car asked if ive been drinking or under the influence of drugs. I dont drink alcohol and I wasnt under the influence of any drugs. I completed all DUI tests and I blew a 0 in the machine. The police officer arressted me for DUI. At the police station he stated I had to give a blood sample so I did. I was released 6 hours later and told I have to appear in court in November. I live in New Mexico and I cannot afford to go to court in California for this and I was not driving under the influence. What do I do?
Hire an attorney who works in that district. Many times, we can avoid clients having to come back to the state where...
If my dui is cleared thru the court can the dmv still require me to do the interlock
I failed to comply with my dui terms and was given jail time for each condition i was given including not doing the interlock
Yes. A license revocation period can extend past a court's jurisdiction over the individual. As evidence of this,...
Can I join the military instead of being charged with a DUI?
I was in the process of joining the military and was really close to completing my enlistment, but now I'm fighting a DUI charge. Is there anything I can do to make this happen, because if not I'll have to wait a year or more to join?
There is no way around a Dwi charge - only through it. Get a good attorney if you'd like to increase your chances of...
I was stopped by a cop for a aggrivated dwi and open container.
I have a bond arraignment in a few weeks. This is my first offense. I don't know what to do....
There are a few of us Albuquerque attorneys who focus specifically in DWI. You might want to talk to one of us. As it...
If you were charged with posession of drug paraphernalia but the cop didn't take the paraphernalia into evidence and left it at
Was cited for possession of drug paraphernalia. Officer left pipe on the car and left the scene then later 5 hours later called and wanted the evidence which had already been disposed of. Without evidence if I plead not guilty could I be convicted
Not all cases have "evidence" in the sense that you are taking. Testimony is still evidence. He can still bring the...