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Can a state trooper amend the date that a hand held radar detector was last tested.
I understand that a hand held device must be tested by law every 6 months and the date on the citation is past due.
If you suspect the certification of calibration has been altered, your attorney can challenge the testing and pc to...
DUI while on probation
I was arrested for first DUI 3 days ago I am on 2 yrs probation for 2 counts misdemeanor possession have passed all drug test and met all requirements till this new charge I would have bein done in 5 months I called my po Monday he said he will prob violate me at my preliminary hearing what is going to happen will I be detained at hearing am I going to jail?
Yes you will be detained and go to jail pending your Gagnon 1 hearing.
Is cbd oil legal
I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and have heard that cbd oil can help. I live in Pennsylvania. I have been told that as of 3 weeks ago or so it is now illegal. Is this true? I have still seen it advertised on some websites and facebook pages. I have never tried it, I do not smoke pot or take any illegal drugs and do not want to get in trouble but would like to see if this help me.
From a purely common sense view-point, if I were suffering from a serious medical condition, I would find a physician...
What would the penalties be for driving in the state of PA with a revoked license from FL?
Could you tell me what the penalties/consequences would be for driving (not under the influence) in the state of PA with a revoked license due to a felony DUI in the state of Florida?
If your license was revoked because of a DUI, each driving while suspended could earn you between 60 and 90 days in...
How many times should a dui suspect allow blood draw to be attempted when finding a vein is a problem
I had a car accident the hospital could not find a vein to draw blood. I allowed them to try 15 times and they forced me to have it taken from the groin. Did I have to allow this?
If you refused the request for a groin blood pull", you might have a reasonable basis, as you only have to provide a...
Can I be charged for a DUI over 1 year after a car accident?
I live in Pennsylvania and I was in a car accident in September of 2014 and I just received DUI charges in the mail over a year later. I was the only one injured and no property was damaged. I never released consent for blood work and was never notified of a warrant ( if one was issued) issued to get my BAC. Is there any way that I can beat these charges?
Every crime normally has a statute of limitations so I would imagine the charge was timely filed. That being said, I...
I got pulled over and charged with dui metadone and dui xanax and reckleless driving times 6 i have bin clean 15 years methedon
the guy that called that followed me to where the cop was waiting lied. he blow his horn at me at a blincking red and yellow and callrd police my 109 year old was in the back pleas help
I am not sure what your question is. If you are asking if you can be charged with DUI for a prescription drug, the...