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  • Woman arrested for alleged attack

    Jun 25, 2015 | via Tri-County News 

    A Cheshire woman was arrested Tuesday evening after she allegedly assaulted two women who witnessed a group attack on another man. Around 11:30 p.m., Gallipolis police responded to a call about a fight in the road near the Gallipolis Daily Tribune office involving several men, according to a police report.


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Gallipolis Law

I wrecked a motorcycle in May. The arresting office gave me a field soberity pen test after I told him I had no helmet on.
I failed the field soberity test. I was arrest and once got to the station the cop gave me a breathalyzer. The cop then let me go I was in handcuffs maybe 1/2 hr. The arresting officer then went to church 2 days after and told my wives family that I was arrested for DUI. Which isnt on my record because I got a wreckless op and the DUI was dropped in court. After the cop told my wife's family about that they contacted us about if it was true. My wife then started to tell me how big of an embarassment I was and how we are going be judged and looked at after all this is settled. It got so bad and stuff she actually has told me she wants a divorce and she had me to move out. Now I am losing sleep at night over all this extra stress not just losing my marriage. Is this mental aiguish?
Well, the officer didn't lie. You were arrested for DUI. You were convicted of a reckless operation. I don't know...
So I got an OVI the other day and I didn't I don't know what to do.
Should I get an attorney ? Should I use the public defender ?
You should get an experienced aggressive OVI attorney. You are facing mandatory jail and up to three year license...
Transferring colleges. DUI on my record.
Hello. I'm trying to transfer to another university, and one of the application questions is "Have you ever been convicted of a criminal offense or have charges pending against you at this time? (Other than minor traffic violations)." Now, I was convicted of an OVUAC. It was a poor choice as a stupid young kid. It's the only thing on my record, and I'm not sure weather to answer yes or no because I don't know if it's a criminal conviction or a traffic conviction. I don't want to be denied. Also, this is incredibly stressful because I can never expunge or seal it being in the state of Ohio.
It is a criminal conviction and you do need to candidly reveal it. Sorry to tell you this, as I appreciate you did not...
What are the laws that make a DUI checkpoint valid?
How many officers, signs, or warning notifications must be present?
It's a complicated law that requires a seven elements. It's complicated and if you think you can fight this on your...
I got my 3rd dui in 6 years. I have no other convictions on my record. I blew high tier. Car forfeiture? Sentence Im looking at?
I have a good job, enrolled in college, CEO letter of recommendation, and a clean record besides dui's. Will I be eligible for work release?
You need to get someone who has extensive experience in actually trying OVI cases. On a 3rd in 6, there is a mandatory...
I never went to court for a DUI. I have ALS(administrative license suspension). When ALS is over can I get my license?
I recently got a DUI and I didn't go to court. The DMV requires one year of ALS and a $450 reinstatement fee. When I have met those requirements will I be able to get a driver's license in another state or can the state I got the DUI in block me from ever getting a drivers license again? If they can block it forever, is there anything a lawyer can do to help get my license(short of me going back to OH and serving whatever my sentence would be) Got the DUI in OH and I'm now living in PA. Also, can they convict me in OH if I've never been to court(i did go to my arraignment and plead not guilty)?
I would recommend hiring an attorney in Ohio to help you with this matter. If you appeared in court for your...
I have a warrant for violating my DUI probation. What can I do?
2nd OVI - a year after sentencing, the judge included BAC monitoring for the total 2 year probation at $400/mo. I just stopped using the device and sent it back to my PO. I have a warrant in Wayne County, but I live in Cuyahoga. What should I do?
When you ask a bunch of attorneys what you should do while facing violation of probation charges, what do you think the...