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  • Indictments handed down by Gallia grand jury -

    Friday Apr 21 | via Tri-County News 

    On Friday, Prosecuting Attorney Jason D. Holdren announced the Gallia County Grand Jury met in April and returned indictments for the following individuals: Brandy J. Miller, 30, Gallipolis, one count of Possession of Heroin, a felony of the first degree, one count of Trafficking in Heroin, a felony of the first degree, and one count of Tampering with Evidence, a felony of the third degree. Glenn T. Chick, 50, of Bidwell, one count of Aggravated Possession of Drugs, a felony of the fifth degree.


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  • Vinton search warrant results in 6 arrests -

    Sunday Apr 9 | via Tri-County News 

    Gallia County Sheriff's deputies along with the Gallia-Meigs Major Crimes Task Force served a warrant in Vinton Sunday which resulted in the arrest of six individuals and the seizure of over 30 grams of heroin, 8 grams of crack cocaine and $4,500 in cash. "You think that these drug dealing misfits would get the hint that the people of Gallia County have had enough of them dealing their poison in our county," said Gallia Sheriff Matt Champlin.


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  • Two arrested in reported a crime spreea -

    Friday Apr 7 | via Tri-County News 

    Sheriff Matt Champlin has announced that deputies have arrested two individuals who allegedly went on a crime spree across Gallia County. Sheriff Champlin stated that Lester Thompson of Gallipolis and Brett Curtis of Gallipolis were taken into custody by deputies and troopers from the Gallia-Meigs Post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol after receiving a report that several individuals were observed stealing items from Reds Truck Center on Kerr Road.


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  • Two arrested after search of Bulaville Pike home -

    Monday Apr 3 | via Tri-County News 

    Deputies from the Gallia County Sheriff's Office and Gallia-Meigs Major Crimes Task Force served a warrant at a Bulaville Pike Residence resulting in the arrest of two. Deshawn Kelley, 21, of Columbus, was arrested on charges of trafficking in narcotics and engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity.


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  • 2 arrested in human remains investigation, 1 at large -

    Monday Apr 3 | via Tri-County News 

    Two individuals have been taken into custody over the weekend after being indicted based upon the investigation into the death of Terry "Shag" Rothgeb, 55, of Gallipolis, by the Gallia Sheriff's Office. Ralph Young, 39, and Leeza Bartels, 22, both of Bidwell, were taken into custody by detectives with the Gallia County Sheriff's Office with the assistance of the Gallipolis Police Department after receiving an anonymous tip from the public as to their whereabouts.


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  • Two arrested in task force, GPD bust -

    Thursday Mar 30 | via Tri-County News 

    On Wednesday, the Major Crimes Task Force of Gallia-Meigs, along with the Gallipolis City Police Department executed a search warrant at 62 Chillicothe Road in Gallipolis, locating multiple narcotics including alleged crystal methamphetamine and heroin inside of the residence. Gallipolis Police Chief Jeff Boyer reports a search was executed at 62 Chillicothe Road in Gallipolis at the residence of Jeremy Collins, 38 and Georgiana Bechtle, 36. The search warrant was obtained by the Ohio Organized Crime Investigations Commissions Major Crimes Task Force of Gallia and Meigs Counties with the assistance of the Gallia County Prosecutor Jason Holdren's Office. 9 comments

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  • March Gallia Grand Jury indictments released -

    Wednesday Mar 29 | via Tri-County News 

    Synthia L. Hurt, of Bidwell, one count of possession of heroin, a felony of the fifth-degree, and one count of illegal conveyance of drug of abuse onto the grounds of a specified government facility, a felony of the third-degree. Brian K. Grabans, of Gallipolis, one count of breaking and entering, a felony of the fifth-degree.


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Gallipolis Law

I wrecked a motorcycle in May. The arresting office gave me a field soberity pen test after I told him I had no helmet on.
I failed the field soberity test. I was arrest and once got to the station the cop gave me a breathalyzer. The cop then let me go I was in handcuffs maybe 1/2 hr. The arresting officer then went to church 2 days after and told my wives family that I was arrested for DUI. Which isnt on my record because I got a wreckless op and the DUI was dropped in court. After the cop told my wife's family about that they contacted us about if it was true. My wife then started to tell me how big of an embarassment I was and how we are going be judged and looked at after all this is settled. It got so bad and stuff she actually has told me she wants a divorce and she had me to move out. Now I am losing sleep at night over all this extra stress not just losing my marriage. Is this mental aiguish?
Well, the officer didn't lie. You were arrested for DUI. You were convicted of a reckless operation. I don't know...
Ive been arrested for a dui in someone else's name.
I basically got a dui involving a accident in someones name. I never went to court. Come to find out the person was cleared of all charges when they realized it wasnt him. Will these police officers investigate this case to bring me to justice? They have pics of my face and tattoos. Also ive been charged with dui's in the past so my pic is on file
Unfortunately, no on can tell you what the police will, or will not, do. I can say from my experience that I have...
I'm in Ohio been charged with 4th DUI what's the max jail time for misdemeanor
Got 6 DUI in last 26 years total they charged me with 4th time offense
Be very careful reading the complaint or charge the prosecutor files against you. Without more information it is hard...
Question lm have charged for DUI on 2007 is any way to clean my record ?
lm was dronk driven stop and charge for DUI and traing to clean my record just want to know if is any way to do it pr not or how long it will takes
No, there is no way to get a DUI offense sealed.
Is it possible to clear a false information charge if I have the correct information before formally being charged?
I was pulled over for suspicion of texting while driving which i wasn't. My license is suspend for noncompliance but I've been actively working on getting them restored. When i was pulled over, I panicked and gave the officer the wrong name... I did give him my correct information, but wasn't arrested at the scene. I am a mother of four going through a separation and cannot afford to lose my job.
You could still be charged even if you provided the correct information now. Talk with a good local attorney. Have him/...
How can I check if I have a bench warrant if I am out of country for several years?
I had a DUI 7years ago in state of OH. Completed MADD program, 3days Driver Intervention program, payed all the fees, but completed 60hours of community service out of 80hours. It was my first DUI without any accident and driving license was suspended. But got pulled over by police while driving the vehicle sober. Few weeks later left the states back home as I was in states for college only. Missed court date and dont know what was the result. Now I have a business meeting in NY state and not sure what will happen if I land to states, will I get arrested? How can I check the status?
You will probably be held if there is a warrant out for your arrest. You can go on the website for the county where...
Will Florida extradite me from Ohio for a felony warrant for Grand Theft
Move to ohio over three and a half years ago andwant to know if I go to get a driver's license if I will be extradited back to Florida
Very possible! Even if they don't, you can sit a long time until you are released. You should address the warrant in...