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Can DCS take my child because I failed my first pregnant drug test and refused drug test postpartum.
I failed my first test for marijuana because I was unaware of pregnancy. I quit during pregnancy and thought everything to be fine. I have my baby and he's perfectly almost 4 mths old. Now I've been contacted by DCS regarding that positive test and asked to submit another test. Upon refusal I'm told that's fine but they'll be talking to my older daughter. Why? What about?
If you refuse to submit to the test they will likely take both of your children. If you continue to refuse to take the...
What does it mean when a case is open where someone got caught driving on revoked license
Was wanting to ask because my granddaughter mother stays in trouble and she got caught driving on revoked license. and that's what it said on court records
Open means it is not closed or resolved................................
Can I sue the state for a false DUI arrest which cost me my job (ClassA CDL) & can I sue the company for false termination?
9-26-13 arrested for DUI on my prescription meds. Took officer about 30 mins to arrest me after roadside soberity test. I submitted a blood sample. Finally in Sept. of 2015 blood test came back but courts said they never received test results till May of 2015! After more postponements the case was dismissed Sept 2, 2015! Blood sample results were well below therapeutic levels & nothing illegal n my system. Also because of this my company terminated me on 9-27-14. False termination?
Your best course of action contact a local attorney, either by email or phone, who will protect you and your rights....
How long will my fiance be in jail on a 4 @ 30%
He got a dui and got put on psi and he's on state for 4 years @ 30% he caught another dui and had to go to court in hunters and degay hunter gave him 11/29 and he went in front of degay yesterday and they are wanting to put his 4 @ 30% infect so when will he be home. He has already served 120 days and then went back to jail September 19th of this year so how long will he do before coming up for parole
If they place his sentence into effect, he will serve the balance of his 4 years in jail. As far as how quickly he...
I didn't report to psi it's my first time what do I expect haven't seen her since March just got on it
Got put on psi for 3rd dui
You need to contact her ASAP, schedule an appointment and gave a good excuse. It's likely she will violate you, if she...
What are the legal laws for caught driving on a license revoked because of a dui in the city of gallatin tennessee 37066
I have also recieved a letter from the state of Tn. that i am considered a repeat offender for violation of numerous speeding tickets this is my second dui and have also had my license suspended befor it was revoked
I've copied the basic law and punishment for the first offense, but the punishment for a repeat offender is much more...
DUI in TN, but moved to DE before court date
I received a DUI in Tennessee (a non-compact state) with my TN license. About after my arrest (before my court date), I moved to Delware (a compact state). (The move was already planned before my arrest.) I got my DE license, surrendering my TN license in the process. My court date in TN was today. The judge ruled that I serve 48 hours in jail and my license be suspended for a year. However, they didn't ask for me to surrender my license. My lawyer said the DMV is who actually revokes it, not the court. My questions: 1) how and when will the TN DMV officially revoke my license? 2) What will happen since I don't have a physical TN license to surrender? 3) Since TN is a non-compact state, will they not inform DE of the DUI conviction? If no, does that mean I get to keep my DE license?
The TN court cannot suspend your DE license. The TN court can only suspend your driving privlege in TN. However, if you...