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Is prosecutor unethical and would you recommend I take this case to trial? I just need another opinion!
I have been fighting a marijuana DUI charge for 3 years now. 2 months ago, the prosecutor offered my lawyer to have me serve only probation and a fine, as I found out the tape of the arrest had been tampered with. (I have plenty of evidence). Today I had court and...all of a sudden...the prosecutor retracted the prior offer, and decided I deserve 6 months of house arrest (including weekend jail time) instead. Since the time of my arrest, I was diagnosed as bi-polar and have been on Lithium which changed my life. I have not been in trouble since. I now own my own business, which operates 24 hours, 7 days a week (computer consulting and forensics). I just got married, and have elderly parents to take care of. How can he not take all of these things into consideration? Is this unethical
There is nothing unethical about a prosecutor revoking an offer that has not been accepted. You never detrimentally...
How did i get a dui if i wasnt driving and was in pasenger seat
A female was driving my car i was in passanger seat and was charged with dui.
You can be charged with DUI either because you were driving or you were in physical control of the vehicle. Physical...
I was hit head on by a drunk driver.
I was hit by a driver who turn in while light was green. Police are pressing charges for driving under the influence of alcohol. I did get injured badly to the point I need surgery on my foot. My foot was shadder in different spots very painful, my wrist was fractured and my little boy was shaken up lucky no injuries but me I took all damage. What can I do about this. I know the guy has insurance also..
You need an IL personal injury lawyer with experience in obtaining the necessary investigative documentation to prove a...
Drivers license Suspension after a DUI
I was arrested on Dupage County for a DUI when I blew the machine recorded 0.17; This happened in a private property so Will my drivers license be suspended? Does it happen after of before court ? THANKS
It only happens if the officer served you with a law enforcement sworn report- in that case it happens 46 days from the...
Which is worse to have in Illinois? Reckless driving or DUI
My attorney asked if I would be willing to enter a guilty plea of reckless driving instead of going to trial.
Reckless is better. A DUI conviction is an automatic revocation.
Do I qualify for DACA renewal with a DUI?
I just submitted my application for DACA renewal. I had a DUI in September of 2015. After a year of court, the case was dismissed. Would I be at risk of not getting approved for a renewal?
If there was never a conviction or admission of guilty, you should be fine. But be prepared for the new president to...
How to get records of official pulled over for weaving but not arrested for DUI?
Our elected official was weaving erratically and one of our officers pulled him over. The officer was directed by command to not make a record of it but I am wondering if there might be some radio records of the stop even though he wasn't charged. And if so, what language can I use in a FOIA request to increase my chances of getting the records? I wish to gather a recall petition and am looking for anything that I can get my hands on to assist with this. (I changed the city but the state is the same. Our town is just too small and I don't want to be recognized, however, I doubt this is such an unusual scenario)
Ask the 911 center for that officer's MDT and radio traffic for that shift only.