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Will a DUI and pleading out affect my application for my aed wor authorization
I have had two DUI in the last two years a 3 months suspension and currently on probation
This is a question for an immigration/citizenship attorney.
Two DUIs back-to-back tried, got PBJ 2 yrs ago. I got arrested for another DUI this year. Help!
Two DUIs back-to-back tried, got PBJ for them 2 yrs ago + alcohol program. I got arrested for another DUI this year which also includes reckless/negligent driving, DWI, speeding over the limit. My question is if I am convicted, will this current DUI count as my 3rd offense or 2nd offense? Will I also have to serve jail time? My license is already suspended.
You need to consult with an attorney to advise you and help you through this process. I have had success with clients...
I was arrested for a DUI but did not have my keys in the car; I also disconnected my battery.
Last night I was arrested for a DUI (.09) after going to a show in Gaithersburg, MD. Before the night was over, I gave my friend the car keys; I opted to sleep it off. Additionally, I wanted to protect myself further by disconnecting my battery, which I did. Do you feel there is any chance I could get this dismissed? Or should I take a shot at trial? Please let me know your thoughts, as I am absolutely terrified! Thank you!
You should not write or speak in public fora about what you did or did not do, because your statements may be used as...
Arrested for DUI, battling Anorexia Nervosa. Very different situation.
Hello, thank you very much for taking the time to assist me with my situation. Last night, I was arrested for DUI, but did NOT drink (nor have I ever taken a sip of alcohol or beer). I am suffering from a severe case of Anorexia Nervosa which results in me having frequent dizzy spells, so much so to the point where I stumble and sway at times. It often happens at night when my body is exhausted and tired from the day's work. I was leaving a friend's apartment and walking to my vehicle which was parked on the street. My assumption is that the officer saw me stumble to my vehicle, but I have medical documentation proving my condition. I refused to any and all tests he attempted to perform on me, including the breath test. Do you feel I will be able to get the charge dismissed?
Your case probably won't just be thrown out. You may have to have a trial. There are many issues in this. Consult a...
All of the charges for my Dui has been dismissed but now the court make an appeal.
The charges have been dismissed because never gave me any tickets
If all of the charges have been dismissed, you are entitled to immediate expungement. If the State has appealed the...
Refused a breathalyzer, issued mandatory court, do not know date yet. Is it possible to change the court date if necessary?
The paperwork states that the court date will be mailed within a few weeks to me, license will be suspended in 45 days. I'm aware that if I miss court I'll have a warrant for my arrest. I do not want to miss court, but there is a week I will not be in town over the next 45 days. Is there any way that they would work with me on requesting a court date in MD?
You absolutely should be able to get your court date moved. Once you hire an attorney, make him/her aware of your...
MVA Hearing - how long
How long does it typically take to get a MVA hearing...meaning many weeks out should I expect the hearing to be. Also, is it possible to get it postponed. I just received a DWI today and would like to request a hearing. I am going on vacation in the middle of December.
An MVA hearing usually is scheduled about 30-60 days from the date they receive the request. Make sure that you...