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requested it on scene at about 2:30 am, we had to ride to the station, first test was administered at 3:01 am. they also didn't have a paper for me to sign stating the ramifications of my request and that i understood it all, they had me sign it at the station right before they administered the test. blew a .09
Last time I checked, it's a 15 minute waiting period. Not sure if it's different in your state for some reason, but I'm...
I have Monitech's quick test. I have read horror stories about dmv and unsure if they give you a % of violations?
You need to immediately hire an attorney who is experienced in these exact matters. It is very likely you will be...
I am serving jails days for a DWI in NC. I am applying for employment is Atlanta. Can I get an interstate transfer to GA if I still have jail days to do?
You may be able to get your probation transferred, but you are going to have to serve the jail time in NC first. Even...
I am 19 years old this is my first charge in three years, I was stopped for speeding but the officer had smelled alcohol coming off my clothes. I blew a 0.05 and was booked and held for the night. I didn't have the money to hire a actual lawyer for this case so its been contiued for months now! I was charged with these on October 24th 2012 and I don't know what go do I'm scared about what could happen in court. my attorney that I was assined too has told me nothing at all and I feel the need to ask for other peoples opionpn please
Talk to your attorney about a knoll motion and possibly a PJC.
I was not asked to do any form of sobriety test. I was with my friend that is 22 and her friend that is 21, when asked I confessed to having a few sips nothing more and asked if they would breathalyze me knowing I probably would not blow anything. I was told there was no point. I got a ticket for consuming alcohol under the age of 19. I was then told I would have to take a class but I am wondering if it will just dismiss my case or get the ticket expunged? And if there is a need for a lawyer?
AVVO is a free general legal information blog, not a substitute for legal advice. Look for an attorney you would like...
on 12/20/2012 at 3:38, while still in the subdivision i live in i was making a left turn and went off the road into a grassy area (there was no damage to my vechicle or any public or private property) and realized i was too intoxicated to drive because i had just lost control of my vechicle. I proceeded to walk home, leaving my truck on the side of the road, i did not believe it would interfeer with any traffic because it was completely off the road. by the time i made it to my house, .2 miles away from where my truck was, a police car approached me and proceeded to give me the standard field sobriety tests. i do not remember what the field breathylizer read, but after i was arrested with a dui and a reckess driving and taken to the station i willfully refused a chemechal test.
The police can charge anyone with DWI even if they were not around the parked vehicle. They MUST prove that person...
I got a DUI in NC in 2011. Moved to CO 3 days later. Left it up to a cheap lawyer in NC to take care of. After, he never sent me any paperwork from court and after a year of trying to contact him I admit I gave up. I am now married, pregnant and my husband is getting stationed in NC of all places. Where do I start to get my license back? The DMV, DA, Courts? I'm super lost and cant afford a high priced lawyer.
I think the first step would be to find out the status of your case. You mentioned that you never heard back from your...