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Will I have my license suspended again for the same DUI whil serving PBJ?
I recived PBJ for a DUI and had my license suspended for 45 days by the MVA. If I violate my PBJ after the suspension of the MVA is over. Will I have my license suspended again for the same DUI?
No, the action of suspending your license for 45 days was an administrative action taken by the MVA. However, if you...
If I move from Virginia to Maryland, will Maryland honor a court order from Virginia for a restricted driver's license?
I have 3 dui's in Virginia in 10 years. The third was reduced so it is not a felony. My license was suspended by the court for 3 years. The DMV revoked my license for 5 years. I can petition the court for a restricted license after 3 years. I have completed all of my requirements except for paying a reinstatement fee and having ignition interlock for 6 months. I plan to petition the court very soon.
If your on probation, I would contact your attorney from the previous DUI and have the probabtion transfer to Maryland....
In the st. of MD can a DUI pbj be expunged from my record that occurred in 2009?
There were two other charges along with the DUI. Fleeing and eluding which was nolle proseq and reckless negligent driving that was also nolle proseq. Can the probation before judgment DUI which was part of the other charges that were nolle proseq be expunged from my record. This happened in 2009?
The law in Maryland is clear that such a charge is not eligible to be expunged as you wish. Although a PBJ will...
Buying a firearm with a pbj on record.
I recently came off of unsupervised probation before judgement for a dui from Feb. 2013. Since my pbj was completed successfully, would I have any issues if I were to go purchase a firearm?
Yes especially if it was a felony charge.
You matter needs to be investigated by an attorney ASAP
Can my boyfriend sister and her boyfriend testify and say they were drunk and that they do not remember him hitting me?
My boyfriend sister and mom are patching things up and now the sister and her boyfriend does not want to continue with the prosecution either. It is true everyone was drinking except him so they ant to apologize to the DA about the incident and tell the truth that he did not assault me.
You are the alleged victim. What did YOU tell the police? The State's Attorney Office will decide ultimately...
I received 2 DUI's in Maryland in 2005. My license in MD is currently revoked. Can I get a drivers license in PA?
I am not on parole or probation. I have no other driving offenses since the DUI's.
You will not be able to get a Pennsylvania license lawfully until your revocation is completed and your privilege to...