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Received A DUI I have no license?
I am a Mexican Citizen with no license I was only arrested for 2 hours and then let go. I have a court date next month. What possible consequences am I facing? Am I facing jail time? I know I have to pay penalties
The case is more serious than you think If you are convicted you may receive jail time, fines, a DUI school, a IID...
Why would the officer take this long to file? Also my dmv hearing was postponed a month. Officer couldn't make it.
I was arrested for dui 6 weeks ago. My citation court date was today. I went and my name was not on the board. I went to the clerk and my name was not in the system. Went to DA's office and they said the arresting officer had not filed anything with them and I should call back in 2 to 3 weeks.
Interesting. I have not come across this before and I am trying to figure out why the delay. Did you take a...
I was arrested for a dui with a .20 breath test and a .34 bac. This is my first offense. I have a very clean driving record.
My question is, can I get this charge reduced to a 'Wet Wreckless' or lower charge? I was sitting in my car, drinking, in a store parking lot when approached by a police officer.
It is doubtful that you would get the reduced charge based on your very high blood alcohol. Every case is fact...
When should I hire an attourney for DUI case?
Was given a court date after being stopped at a DUI Checkpoint 2 months ago. Blood test = BAC of .07. Do I need to hire an attourney? I haven't received anything in the mail regarding being charged with anything. I dont want to go to court thinking there are no charges only to find out there are and not have an attourney present. Is there a way to find out if I am being charged?
You can call the district attorney's office to get status of the case. They can tell you whether a DUI case is being...
Do i need an attorney to get reinstated for school 10?
do i need to get an attorney if i need to get my dui classes reinstated so i can finish them?
I would get a copy of the file to review and then seek legal counsel. Depending on the judge he might reinstate and...
Will A dui and vc 2800.1 misdemeanor evading a peace officer charge affect applying for citizenship?
I have plead no contest to a dui and misdemeanor evasion(vc2800.1) about three years ago. Now my probation is almost up on my deferred sentence and I would like to apply for citizenship. The charges did not affect renewing my green card but will I have complications applying for citizenship?
A first DUI usually doesn't cause immigration issues (unless you're applying for DACA, which doesn't appear to be the...
How long should I wait before contacting the DA's office to see if charges will be filed against me if a year has passed?
I was cited for DUI with BAC of .11 over a year ago and still have not received anything from the DA's office about charges being filed. I am hesitant to contact them for a status update, It has been less than a week since a year passed and I'm not sure how long it takes for them to notify me if and when charges are filed or how that process goes. Is it possible that charges were filed before the year was over but the notice has not gone out yet and how long should I wait before contacting the DA's for update if I should even that?
Assuming no injuries, the statue of limitations for a misdemeanor DUI is one year. Call the clerk of the court to...