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Is it possible to fly whit a license that has a u restriction?
My husband an I are trying to fly to Orlando next weekend but his license is restricted for federal purposes. Can he stil fly with that license or what does he need to fly because we already bought the tickets
Based upon the information that you provided in your question, it's difficult to say. You should call the TSA for more...
Will a lawyer get some of those charges dropped so she doesn't have to pay the tickets before or after the court date?
I'm asking a question on behalf on my girlfriend, she received a DUI in addition to other citations like speeding, failure to obey traffic signal, and I think driving without possession of her license. She received all of the above in tickets but hasn't had her court date yet. I don't know all of the details as I wasn't there when the incident occurred.
A lawyer gives her the best chance to lessen the effects of these charges/infractions.
My wife drove drunk, I have it on video her pulling in and then her walking in and I ask her about it. Can I use this in court?
Going through a divorce and want to use this as evidence.
if she did not consent to the audio (her voice being recorded) then you would not be able to use the audio, but could...
Will I have my license suspended again for the same DUI whil serving PBJ?
I recived PBJ for a DUI and had my license suspended for 45 days by the MVA. If I violate my PBJ after the suspension of the MVA is over. Will I have my license suspended again for the same DUI?
No, the action of suspending your license for 45 days was an administrative action taken by the MVA. However, if you...
Can I drive a boat while still having restricted license even though a license is not required for boating?
I refused a breathalyzer test in Maryland and now been penalized with the Ignition interlock Device for 1 year from MVA. Received PBJ on the criminal proceedings; no conditions except class. Never challenged the MVA penalty.
You run the risk that you if charged with operating under the influence, the Court would impose jail time, the...
Can I get up represented by lawyer who knows common law in Maryland to win case before trial, on moving tickets.
I got a DUI but how can I get proper representation as a freeman.
You need to hire an attorney. If you cannot afford private counsel, apply for representation through the Office of the...
Could my fiancé, who just got DUI, sponsor me for a green card through marriage? If so, what could the complications be?
I am on a temporary work visa, which could be extended and I have the potential perspective of becoming a permanent resident through my employer. In the meantime, I just got engaged. My fiancé is a US Citizen, and just had DUI. Would he be able to sponsor me for a green card through marriage? If so, what could the complications be? Thanks.
Your future spouse's DUI should not cause any problem (with I-130 filing at least :-). Only petitioners who are...