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What should I do about my DUI?
I was driving from a friends house after having 2-3 drinks, there was a car behind me and once I realized it was a cop I had a feeling I was going to get pulled over because my licence plate tags were over due, I wasn't too worried since I had the day pass, I was right on the corner of my home and as I proceeded to go in my driveway the lights were put on, I finished driving my car into my driveway and was asked why I didn't stop, I got taken to jail and I did a breath test and came out to be .077 I spent the night there and went home with a DUI charge and for some reason a resist arrest, should I contest it?
Get an attorney- especially for Fresno! Day pass? You have only 10 days to deal with DMV from your arrest. Get an attorney!!
I have been relesd on pretril.not for drugs but I said I had a druge problem to get a program to substitute the jail time.
What can I expect if I faild my drug test it was my first one
These are great questions for your lawyer, if you don't have one you should try to get one. You need to provide more...
When im approaching a DUI Checkpoint can i make a uturn and refuse to participate
If im approaching a dui Check point can i make a uturn and refuse to participate. Do i have to roll down my window if they try to talk to me. Bottom line if i have nothing to hide can i refuse to participate.
You are posted this question in the telecommunication section. I'm moving it to the criminal law section where I'm sure...
How do I take care of a DUI warrant? I got pulled over and all they gave me was a ticket to appear in court.
-Warrant was issued 4/28/14 after failing to to complete my sentence. I was told to do 88 hrs of community service or 12 days of jail, but at the time I lost my home and job. I went out of town since I had no house and car. -Got pulled over 9/12/16 and was given a ticket to appear on 10/17/16. I have to be out of town with a customer, how can I take care of this sooner? Do I talk to a county clerk? What are my options?
You should get a lawyer. He or she can work out the scheduling issues.
How do I go about getting a restricted license after my 3rd dui?
Received my 3rd dui earlier this year in April and I hired an attorney. He's been trailing hearings and helping me out with my dmv crap. I just recently lost my dmv hearing and looking at appealing it. My thing is comuting to work. I work out of town which is 2 hrs away as a professional public service personnel for the state. So I'm really stressed out on this driving part. I know it's my 3rd and just trying to take care of it and move on..
If you already have an attorney, why are you asking strangers on the Internet? Depending on the circumstances, you...
If you second DUI WAS over 20 year dose a 3dr count against you?
I GOT A DUI 2016
I'm not sure what you are asking but, if you were arrested for a DUI in 2016 and your prior conviction was 20 years ago...
Suspended license(DUI)no insurance not at fault got rearended will it still cover damages and am I looking at time
Got rearended with my son I have a suspended license due to dui the car I was driving has full coverage but I'm excluded from the policy went to the hospital to get checked out what are my consequences for driving with a suspended license there was no police report made and I was not at fault she admitted she was at fault we got rearended is there anything i can do now
Speak to a personal injury attorney who specializes in auto accidents. You may not be able to recover pain and...