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What would the defense be and am I looking at jail time or what's the least penalty the court may give?
Hard to say with so little information. Could be charged with child endangerment and DWI at a minimum. If child not...
my daughter in law was charged with a dwi with child under 15 in texas. My 3 yr old granddaughter was the child passenger. My understanding is she was on prescription drugs. She has only one misdemeanor for theft as the only prior. what is she she looking at for penalty? she is out on $2k bond .
While she is facing 180 days to 2 years in a state jail and up to a $10,000 fine that is NOT going to happen to year....
I received low level alcohol readings on my interlock device, not enough to fail or cause a violation. Can I be sent to court or worse yet jail even if I didn't "fail" on the interlock device? It's scary I could get locked up from eating.
As long as you did not read a failure on the interlock device you should have no issues.
I have to blow in it 4 times a day 7 days a week. I can be forgetful sometimes (been good so far) and am worried that if I forget it at home and can't get it, what the probation officer will do?
Quite frankly it could lead to your Probation Officer filing a Motion to Revoke your probation and the court issuing a...
He was on parole in texas but got it switched to Louisiana caught a charge in Louisiana once he got finish with that charge he got extradited back to texas
There is no attorney who could give you a firm answer on what will happen without knowing more specific facts--and you...
I am taking a pre trial diversion (pending state approval) which will mean I will be on probation for 1 year. This is my first arrest & dui. I have a very stable management position & have had resident status for 23 years with a spotless record. Any advice you may have would be very helpful. Thank you.
If you are submitting a PTD packet, then most likely you have an attorney, right.? If so, you should be asking him or...
I was arrested on a DWI charge last year, The DA has offered DWI Pre-trial Diversion Program which will in the end dismiss my case. Will this affect me when I apply to have my deferred action for childhood arrivals status renewed? I don't want to lose my work permit, I've learned from my mistake and will never put myself in a situation like this again.
As long as you don't make any statement admitting guilt then I suspect you will be okay...but ask an immigration lawyer...