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  • Four Arrested after Police Find Drugs, Guns

    Sunday Dec 10 | via WBIW-AM Bedford 

    Four people were arrested Wednesday after Orange County and French Lick police received information about possible drug activity and a report of a suspicious vehicle. Police arrested David Martin, Adam Jones and Shatanna Silva, all of Louisville, KY and Justin Truelove, of Shoals after police found four guns, ammunition, more than 40 grams of meth, 1.2 grams of heroin, several prescriptions drugs and drug paraphernalia in the vehicle.


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French Lick Law

What happens after Service Returned Not Served? Does this person still have time to do?
Def enters plea of guilty pursuant to plea agreement with the State of IN; Plea and Snt hearing held Judgment Judicial Officer: Cloud, R. Michael 1. 35-43-5-3.5(a)/FD: Identity Deception • Dismissed with Prejudice 2. 35-43-4-2(a)MA: Theft • Plea by Agreement 08/12/2014 Sentenced Judicial Officer: Cloud, R. Michael 2. 35-43-4-2(a)MA: Theft Confinement to Commence: 08/12/2014 County Jail Term: 365 Days Jail Credit: 6 Days Suspended: 359 Days Comment: $379; 1 year IP, minus time executed, complete 24 hours CSR; fees due 2/12/15 09/03/2014 Service Returned Not Served unclaimed, unable to forward ****This person has been arrested multiple times since this case
You cannot be serious. Are you that obtuse? If there was an effort to get the person back to court and the notice was...
Do I need a attorney
I was pulled over November 12 2013 they said I was weaving I had taken my prescribed medication percacet morphine 1 day shy of ten months I had a warrent served for class a mistermenter endangering a person and class c mistermeaner driving with schedule 1 & 2 in body oxycodon I wasn't arrested cop just took me to hospital drew blood said if comes back OK your free to go he said your free to go took number address and said you just need a driver he also let friend drive with suspended license from traffic stop point to hospital
You got pulled over, over a year ago, and you are just now asking if you need an attorney? Were criminal charges filed...
Can my probation officer in the state of Indiana make my family dr give out the results of a blood test ?
I went and had blood drawn at the dr to test my blood sugar to find out if I'm diabetic or not and I'm not sure what all they are gonna test it for and I am worried that they might give out my results to my probation officer
Depends on if you've signed a HIPPA release. Also, it's not likely that a blood-test relating to diabetes would test...
Will I be charged with a DUI or any other charges even though I wasn't arrested?
I reside in Indiana and recently I was driving under the influence of alcohol and wrecked my car into a ditch. Had to call 911 and the officer did a breathalyzer but never told me what it was. He told me he wasn't going to take me to jail just because of me getting into a wreck. He then took me to the hospital to get checked out and after my blood was drawn he left. Basically what are my chances that they will come back and try to put charges on me?
Probably pretty good if the concentration of alcohol in the system exceeds state limits. Made even better by the fact...
Can Indiana BMV suspend you for HTV seven years after the initial offense?
Arrested in 2006 for DUI was 3rd in 8 years but was never charged as a HTV. reinstated in 2011, then re suspended in 2012 as HTV
It's complicated. Technically you became a 10-year HTV in 2006, whether they suspended your driving privileges or not....
How long is statute of limitation on a first time DUI probation violation ?
I failed my probation for taking an unprescribed pain medication for a toothache
Probation can file a violation of probation or the prosecutor can file new charges. The timing of this can vary...
Can I sue if I took a misdemeanor plea for dui?
I was involved in a car accident there were no signs of alcohol. I was knocked unconscious and was sleep up until I was order to leave the hospital. 6Mos after this incident I was charged with an DUI. Come to find out no officer took my blood. They used medical blood and now it's a confusion about the discovery because I think it was never one filed. ?????
Did you plead guilty already? If so - you need consult with your attorney.