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Can i get a type of restricted license without having to install the interlock?
I was convicted of 1st offense dui in 2011. I have paid all my fees and fines. My hometown has no facility that offers the dui classes. So i have to travel to next town to attend them. The dmv has already informed me that i do not have to install the interlock because its been seven years. Do i need to get the interlock so i can drive myself to the dui classes?
Yes, if you have no way to get to the classes, which as you know are mandatory for reinstatement in WV, then you will...
How can I get my drivers license, I got a DUI over 10 years ago and I want to get my licence?
I got a DUI over 10 years ago, I didn't have a license when I got the charge. Of coarse I got a DUI and they got suspended and I'd like to get them.
Assuming it was a West Virginia drivers license, 1.304.926.2506. Headquarters of the WV DMV. They’ll tell you. You do....
Will I need to take dui classes if I had a dui ten years ago
Do I have to take dui classes if I had a dui ten years ago
Yes. The classes are required component to being reinstated in West Virginia along with the reinstatement fee no matter...
Can i get a felony Dui dropped to misdemeanor?
Ive had priors but i think they are off my record 13 & 17 years ago. I got a 1st offense Dui in 2010 so how can i be charged for third? They are saying i got one in 2005 but there is no evidence of it!
If I can't do the interlock system bc of not having a vehicle, and choose the 5 year suspension, when does that suspension start
DUI insufficient, 2nd offense, non aggravated. I am required to have an interlock system but have no vehicle to put it in. I may be forced to take the 5 year suspension. Does that start from the time the DUI happened?
No, if the suspension is not contested it starts at the date listed on the DMV issued suspension letter, which is...
If I turn in my WV lic. and get a Florida lic., Will Fl. eventually come back and act against my Lic?
I have a pending DUI CDS Marijuana in WV. 1st offence. I understand about the 2 part system. I am trying to avoid the supension which I understand is mandatory. If I turn in my WV lic and get a Fl Lic. legally of course, residency etc. how could the WV still be suspended. I would pay any fines and understand there is jail time possible. have had court hearing so far. filed for susp of ev. Thank you Robert
If your case is still pending in both the magistrate court “and” the dmv/administrative side of the case, thus under no...
How do i fight a dui that i was accused of?
I was pulled over by a police officer that had a personal grudge against me for an unfinished mowing job and was accused of DUI plus child endangerment because my son at the time unbuckled after I stop the car. There were no drugs and no other substances in the car or on me. The only thing in the car was a can of air duster that I used to try to fix the CD player. I was later incarcerated on an unrelated charge and got a failure to appear because the jail I was in did not transport me to Bluefield for the DUI. Since then I have paid all other traffic violations of fines to try to get my driver's license back but the DUI. I was wrongfully accused and there was no field sobriety test or no Chemical Testing done once I was arrested and booked for the DUI. How would I go about fighting this I ended up losing my job at the coal mine and a lot of money over this supposed DUI
You do as any citizen that has been (wrongfully) accuses of criminal wrong doing, you do your research and seek to...