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What comes from losing a dmv hearing?
I was arrested for a dui in Sacramento, ca. Went to jail and my DUI was dismissed in court. Dmv hearing is Wednesday and I would like to know what to expect from losing the case. I am from stockton but I've heard that Sacramento county is more serious with DUI's. How long will my lisence be suspended? Will I have to have an breathalyzer installed in my car? Will I have points against my lisence?
I suspect you mean that the DA declined to file charges. Assuming this is correct, was the BAC .08 or lower. If the...
What will happen at my dmv hearing?
Basically I was arrested for a dui. My bac was 0.08. My I have a laywer and he told me my dui was dismissed in court. However we still have the dmv hearing in a week. What should I been expecting? Will I still need to take dui classes and go to meetings?
Please, speak to your lawyer about this. The DMV could still suspend.
Driving with out-of-state license after DUI
I'm from Austria, visitor here in California. I arrested a month ago, drunk and driving. I had court today and they postponed it to 3 week later. I didn't know about DMV hearing so didn't do anything. Today I went to DMV office and requested for late DMV hearing but they said they will answer in 7 days. The problem is my CA license gonna suspended in few days, I just wonder can I drive with my Austrian DL? I asked this to DMV supervisor and she's not sure about it. Thanks.
No driving on anything once suspended. You should probably get an attorney to represent you in court. To determine...
How to find out when my Dui probation is over and if I can expunge my dui?
I pledge guilty to a wet and reckless in April of 2013. I want to find out when my probation will be over and if I can expunge my wet and reckless? Reason is because I want to join the army.
First, it's a "wet reckless," not a "wet and reckless." Go to the court clerk's office and ask to see the sentencing...
On court probation for dui and suspended license blew.05 and daughter was in my car not in proper car seat
What kind of charges am i facing
You aren't going to get an informed answer from a stranger on the Internet. If you were cited, the charges should...
Is it legal to be given a fix it ticket during a DUI check point stop, and to be given the same ticket while the first is valid?
I was stopped at a DUI check point and given multiple fix it tickets for a modified motorcycle. While the first ticket has not passed its due date and still applies. I was stopped at a normal traffic stop and was given another fix it ticket for 2 of the same things. Can i fight both of these tickets?
Yes. You can correct and show proof of correction at the police department and they will sign off or once you receive...
If you have a new car and it still has paper dealer plates on it can a cop pull you over. The stop resulted in a DUI
Details same
Of course a cop can still pull you over. The cop probably had another reason for pulling your over beyond the "paper...