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  • Jackie Pickett

    Jan 8, 2016 | via KTXL-TV Sacramento 

    The Lodi woman attacked with a baseball bat by a 17-year-old girl at a local dog park is improving in health, according to the family-set up GoFundMe account . Twenty-two-year-old Jacqueline Pickett was brutally attacked by Dolce Rios Jan. 5 at Beckman Park while walking her dog.


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Can you get my charges dismissed?
I was driving on I-5 near Stockton and CHP stopped me going 90mph. Took my blood and it ended up being a .13 so yeah I had a DUI. However, police officer never read me my Miranda Rights he just arrested me for DUI. I read online that means an automatic dismissal of all charges with prejudice no filing. I got to arraignment and demanded they dismiss my case but my public pretender lied to me and told me that the DA didn't have to dismiss my case. The DA was unethical and refused to dismiss the charges even though I told him I was not read my rights. The judge set it for a pretrial and my PD refused to help me. I need a real lawyer for an easy dismissal my rights were violated.
I'm really curious where you read online that failure to read you your Miranda Rights results in automatic dismissal?...
What would happen to my drivers license if I do DUI classes.
I got a third DUI in 2013. It was in a different county then the others. I was completely blessed, when the court (alameda) charged me as a 1st offender (they did not know of others). The DMV knew and immediately suspended my license for 1 yr hard ler their own rules, etc. Here is the interesting part: Alameda never reported my conviction to DMV. This is due to my name being misspelled on ticket and court documents as the DMV needs exact matching in the system. I researched this. Needless to say i got my full license after the year and no multi class req, etc. Now, the court wants a 1st offenders class done. How could I do this without getting on the radar with DMV? I am afraid the class would report my real name to DMV and they would pick up on that i got a conviction since court never reported... would this create some issue? My PD wont return call since it has been a couple years.
eventualy your conviction and dmv record will be reconciled.
Can i appeal a DUI from 4 years ago ?
i was convicted of DUI a few years ago by a jury. Even though it was proven that the machine used was over by .03 consistantly for many months and i blew .10. i was pulled over for speeding (not swerving) the HWP officer lied on the report and said i was rocking back and fourth as to emply my empairment. and the public pretender never made a motion to have the evidence thrown out or dismiss the case on lack of evidence. i feel i got railroaded and want another shot at defending myself.
Sorry you feel that way, but four years later there's nothing you can do. It's done.
Is there a time limit on signing up for AWP and where to start first?
I received a Wet/Reckless (blew .08 three times) In Feb 2012. I went to court, plead guilty minimal fine and classes. Got license back but never paid fine or went to class. In March 2014 received DUI (blew .11) Also turned prior 'into' a DUI. Received 3 or 4 days of AWP but never signed up. Now have arrest warrant.
You're going to need to hire an attorney to not only handle the DUI but the probation violation charge. There also may...
If you were found knocked out in the road from being jumped (not in your car) can you be charged with a dui
also suffering from a concussion and no memory of what happened after being knocked out can anything you say be used in court? only thing remembered is right before being jumped and knocked out. next thing remembered is waking up in ambulance and a little here and there in the hospital. do not remember the police conversation , was given a Breathalyzer not sure how or why the police even considered drinking as they responded to a fight and found me knocked out when they arrived. I did have a couple drinks 3 or 4 hours earlier and had slept some before leaving in my not know my test yet from the breathalyzer
If the prosecuting agency believes they have the evidence to prove that you were dui, then they can certainly file a...
Is this a drunk in public if I was in my apartment? Does the resisting officer still count? How bad is this? Will I go to jail?
I had an argument with my friend at my apartment. The police showed up. They asked me to step outside onto my porch. I complied. They then cuffed me and cited me with drunk in public. I was not drinking in public. I then was led down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs I asked why I was arrested. He said drunk in public. I got upset. While cuffed, I swung my shoulders around from side to side until I was told to stop. He said you're resisting arrest- which I wasn't. I just was upset. He cited me for obstructing an officer also.
Neither arrest is much to worry about but you are correct that the cops tricked you into the "drunk in public" charge....
DUI...Upcoming Court..DUI Conviction
I was arrested on 7/15 for DUI, the arresting officer took a breathalyzer sample even tho I told him I didn't trust breathalyzer results and wanted to do blood test. He took me to ER to get a sample of my blood. I was released the next day on OR. I went to my arraignment on 8/7 and the judge remanded me to jail because the DA was using preliminary breathalyzer results. The blood results are still not in as of today and I have court tomorrow. Can I be convicted based on preliminary breathalyzer result? or will they have to wait for blood results? how long does that typically take?
I am confused. Were you released from jail on the 16 and reincarcerated on August 7th. Are you still in jail? Is this...