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How is it going to work if they remove my iid in my car this nov and i get my ful license on nov its gona b house to work again?
I have a dui and already got sentenced few months ago. I also have my idd installed.the court required me the breathalizer in my car until this october then i can remove it. In the dmv case said i have 6 months suspension( the day i got sentenced) before i will get my full license and that will be this november. Iid installed in car=CAN drive anywhere, restriction=house to work etc only. So in this case my license is gonna restricted again? Is it?
I encourage you to ask your lawyer how this will work. The IID requirement is triggered by the court conviction and...
Can i drive companys truck with restriced license? If yes where can i get the form to sign
I have 1 dui on my record. The owner of the company that i work wants me to comeback on driving(company truck) he knows that i have a dui and he agreed that he will sign for approval that he is letting me to drive his truck.i only have restricted license
Of course it depends on the restriction, however, if you are able to drive "in the course and scope of your employment"...
How long do i have to wait till it show up on their system? its in alameda county. I need the iid installed asap thanks
I got sentenced on 5/10/16 for dui and i need to get the iid installed but the iid company said is that my name is not on the system yet so they cannot do it. Even at the dmv said it too(didnt show up yet).
The court has to get an abstract of conviction to DMV. Perhaps your attorney knows someone in the clerk's office that...
In alameda county, ca requires breathalizer in my car for first dui or no?
I got a restricted license right now and i have court date on may 10.
Alameda County is one of the "Pilot Program" counties, so you'll be needing an IID upon conviction for a DUI. https:/...
Do i still need to have the iid on the companys truck or something? What do i need to do thanks.
I have a dui 6 months ago and im about to get the iid installed to my car and also my suspervisor is planning to have me back on driving(driving a company's truck)
ANY vehicle you drive must have this device on it until the Court says you no longer have to.
Quick question when does the 6 months suspension starts? The day that i got my dui or the day that i got sentenced?
I got sentenced last week for a dui. i want to get my full drivers license, i am currently on restricted license. Btw its been 7 months already since i got pulled over. Pls help thanks
If your lawyer doesn't know, contact the DMV. You may be eligible for a restricted license already.
Can my dui record at the dmv get expunge? If yes how?
I have my dui last yr october my first offense
No, you cannot erase anything from your DMV driving history.