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Can you get charged with a DUI if u didn't get pullled over n the car you was in the hospital room?
Freeport I'll I already have a DUI over 7 years ago I drove my self to the hospital because I got my head busted open, I did not get pulled over on the way there I parked and checked my self in to the er for my head.The cops came n the room and gave me a DUI.
Yes, you can be charged. However, at trial, the prosecution will have to prove that you were driving or in actual...
I am looking to get my license back I got a dui in Iowa and I live in Illinois
Back in 2014 I got a dui in Iowa Dubuque County . I ended up serving eight days because they said I was a flight risk . They released me on probation and when I came back to Illinois revoked my probation by getting caught driving. Now they want me to do 52 days I believe and pay a bunch of fines I am wonder if there is a way I can pay every thing else and not do any jail time because when I got caught driving in Illinois I also served 14 days in Stephenson County Jail.
Shoot this to the Iowa panel. You are a long way from licensing right now. IL doesn't have to credit your IA time and...
If my cousin is driving and I am in the car, can I get in trouble for him driving while intoxicated?
I was wondering if I could get in trouble if I am in the car and the driver gets pulled over and he had been drinking. My wife says yes, something about contributing factors. I think no because it is his car. Who is right?
From a civil standpoint, yes, you can get in trouble if it is your car and an accident occurs. There are causes of...
If an Illinois resident loses their Wisconsin license because of an owi, will that affect their Illinois license?
first offense owi
Wisconsin will report this as an alcohol related offense to the National Database. When Illinois picks it up it will...
Reversed and remanded dui
My dui was dismissed a year ago.State of Illinois appealed it.The appellant court reversed the dui charges.Will i lose my license?I was suppose to get my license back in October,if i was found guilty.Will i still get them back on the date i was suppose to.
It sounds like you are talking about a summary suspension. If so, the license reinstatement date remains the same....
Illinois Foid card.
I recently got a court order for the Illinois state police to issue my Foid card.So they sent me my Foid card.O went to a white tails unlimited banquet and won a gun.The state police regarded the transaction. Due to a domestic battery 7 years ago.But the court told them to issue the Foid card because it happen over 7 years ago.Can the state police disregard my transaction with me having a valid Foid card is my question?
You fail to state the facts regarding your "domestic battery." I suspect you were convicted. If that is the case,...
What exactly is clemency,and how does it work.
i am trying to get a truck driving job but i have two duis and 1 felony. i spent all this money to get cdl and equipment license and now can get a job with my record. someone said i get clemency on those charges. i dont want them off my record i just would like for employers not to see them. is that what clemency is? And could i do it without an attorney,would it be advised for financial reasons?
Clemency is considered a pardon of your criminal convictions and is generally given out by the govenor after...