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  • Arson suspect to stand trial

    Tuesday Jan 26 | via The Citizens' Voice 

    All charges against a Freeland man accused of setting fire to a borough pizzeria in December were held for court during a Monday preliminary hearing. Defense attorney Andrew Katsock III, Wilkes-Barre, argued that the commonwealth didn't prove the 23-year-old intentionally started the fire while Katsock asked the judge to dismiss two charges of arson - one graded a felony in the first degree and the other felony in the second degree.


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My license was suspended 9 years ago under a DUI, i was pulled over for driving for my wife cause she was ill, am i facing jail
i was only four blocks away from my home, the police officer ONLY PULLED ME OVER BECAUSE HE KNEW WHO I WAS. we all had our seatbelts on. my wife suffers from seizures. this cop knew that. he had my wifes car towed a year ago for a bad inspection, made her and my son get out the car in the middle of the street and TOOK the car! she took it to court and won!! I HAVE NEVER BEEN IN TROUBLE W DRIVING, MY LICENCE BEEN SUSPENDED FOR 9 YEARS FOR 1 DUI.. i explained to the cop my wife felt realy ill.. he knew our situation and we were 4 blocks from our home. he has personal issues w me and my family... this has been going on for some time. i come from a small town and this cop just DONT STOP W THE HARASSEMENT.... he had no reason to pull me over. he past us and made a uturn 3 blocks away.
You need to stop placing incriminating information on line. Retain a lawyer with expertise in this area and have them...
DUI sentence
I maybe facing a 72 hour jail sentence for a 1st time DUI in Luzerne County. Do I serve the Jail Sentence with the general population in the county jail ?
First, these issues are specific to the statute. Different states have different rules. In Washington, for example,...
What are my next options. (DUI issue)
I was arrested for DUI in May 2015. I have no prior criminal record just this DUI. However, when I got the DUI my license had been suspended for an unpaid traffic violation. The cops didn't charge me for driving without a license. When the DA reviewed my case for acceptance into the ARD program I was denied because of the suspended license. I already waived my preliminary hearing and had my disposition this morning where I found out my ARD shot was denied. Not being aware my license was suspended at the time of my arrest the judge gave me a continuance. I currently have a public defender who I never met besides once and she wasn't even at my disposition this morning. My PD had another public defender come in for my hearing that I never even spoke to. Without ARD im facing at least 72 hours in jail or house arrest. There was no accident in my DUI and I was the only in the car. My arresting officer is calling the DA to put a good word in for me. I am a college student graduating soon and will be looking for a job. With this DUI on my record it will be nearly impossible. Someone please give me advice on what I should do next. This public defender has done nearly nothing to help me.
If you're not happy with your representation then you an hire your own attorney.
1st time DUI offense. disposition changed to Plea Court
3 weeks ago I had a disposition for a DUI back in May. I am a first time offender and I have never been in any trouble before. Expecting to get into the ARD program (First time offenders program) I did not. My PD never told me they had rejected me into the program I found out at the disposition (My PD wasn't present at the disposition she had a sub in for her). I didn't believe I would have to face jail time or house arrest for a first time DUI offense (there are mandatory sentence when not getting into ARD for jail time) . The DA rejected my ARD because my license had been suspended at the time of my DUI (late payment on a fine). I asked for a continuance on my disposition so I can figure out what I am going to do about not getting into ARD. My arresting officer contacted the DA and put a good word in for me about reconsidering my ARD. My disposition was rescheduled to Feb 9th. This morning I got a letter saying that I don't have a disposition anymore I now have to go to Plea Court. Can someone tell me what this means. I don't have a clue why it was changed to Plea Court.
Clearly ard has been rejected. You should consider having an official legal letter being drafted up to explain your...
DUI charge 75 3802 A1* only.. i kinda know what this is, just looking for more info. Whats the charge?
So, first week in January, driving home from a bar. It was an off night, I, as other suspect as well, think my drink was spiked, not much to prove there but after only 2 mixed drinks, I remember nothing at all and was told I lashed out bad. Bar managed who has known me for 6 years said she has never one time seen me act this way and suspects i was spiked, however, another guy kept bring shots over,again I don't remember this at all. On my way home i was cut off by a small red car hitting a parked car that was in a no parking zone in the street, and this I remember. Cops came, took me to the station and BAC was .18. The charges Im seeing are showing 75 3802 A1* only, no other charge. Driving record and criminal history is CLEAN Im 32 years old. I have never in my life been into any kind of trouble and Im not a heavy drinker at all. The cops were extremely nice to me as I were to them. One officer even stated to me I am not acting as intoxicated as the breath machine said I was. They did not hold me, they charged my phone for me and I called a friend to pick me up.
You may only be charged with one section (general impairment) right now, but they can add charges later. DUI charges...
My 18 yr old son got stopped in a dui checkpoint in rice twp, mttop, luzerne county, pa. Lawyer needed?
He passed the field sobriety check and bac was 0.00. However, he had an unopened bottle of wine and 2 unopened cans of beer on the backseat. What happens now?
You will want to discuss this matter with a qualified DUI attorney in this County. An attorney will go over all of his...
When my lawyer CLAIMS he is expunding a dui., HOW LONG is normal before I hear anything?
How does this process go? How do I know when its expunged? is there proof?
It seems that you distrust your lawyer. I don't understand that. Please call your attorney's office on Monday and ask...