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My license was suspended 9 years ago under a DUI, i was pulled over for driving for my wife cause she was ill, am i facing jail
i was only four blocks away from my home, the police officer ONLY PULLED ME OVER BECAUSE HE KNEW WHO I WAS. we all had our seatbelts on. my wife suffers from seizures. this cop knew that. he had my wifes car towed a year ago for a bad inspection, made her and my son get out the car in the middle of the street and TOOK the car! she took it to court and won!! I HAVE NEVER BEEN IN TROUBLE W DRIVING, MY LICENCE BEEN SUSPENDED FOR 9 YEARS FOR 1 DUI.. i explained to the cop my wife felt realy ill.. he knew our situation and we were 4 blocks from our home. he has personal issues w me and my family... this has been going on for some time. i come from a small town and this cop just DONT STOP W THE HARASSEMENT.... he had no reason to pull me over. he past us and made a uturn 3 blocks away.
You need to stop placing incriminating information on line. Retain a lawyer with expertise in this area and have them...
When my lawyer CLAIMS he is expunding a dui., HOW LONG is normal before I hear anything?
How does this process go? How do I know when its expunged? is there proof?
It seems that you distrust your lawyer. I don't understand that. Please call your attorney's office on Monday and ask...
Can I properly challenge the hospital blood test that led to my DUI? It was supposed to be used for medical purposes only.
I was in a car accident and a tox screen done at hospital states i had illegal drugs in my system. I have access to same results and they state they are presumptive and to be used only for medical purposes. It also states without confirmation testing. So in theory this test cannot be admissable, correct? There was no confirmatory results ordered stating the levels of drug in my system, just a positive result. Should I fight this charge?
Your questions cannot be answered based upon the minimal information provided. If you are charged with a DUI, you...
I have been charged with my 2ND and 3rd DWI in separate jurisdictions (counties) within two weeks. Can they combine the charges?
Two weeks apart I recieved DUI 2 and 3 in two counties. I had morphine metabolites, and alprazolam metabolites in my blood both times. One was an accident where a HIPPA subpoena was granted. Both have my charges as second dui, but a Pre-Sentence investigation was ordered so they may discover it's a 3rd.
If you're asking if the two charges could be merged into one so you only get one penalty then the answer is no. You...
Three years ago I got a dui ticket and my hearing keeps getting postponed, for serquel and I AM still can I still be guilty.
I had a one car accident the cops are trying to say that I was high at the time of my wreck from seraquel . my bac 84.5, my achlol level was 0.0 I been waiting three years to find out if I am guilty, I am still driving well on my meds and have had no more accidents.
Its possible you can still be found guilty. Seems strange to have gone on this long. I assume you have an hired...
If a policeman writes up your charges on his report incorrectly, is that enough for your case to get thrown out?
Thank you.
No. Very few police errors will result in a complete dismissal of charges. It's better to hire an attorney who can look...
My grandson is 20 and in college. He was cited for under age drinking while being a passenger in his friends car who is 21.
He was the only one cited, an LCB agent was in the parking lot of the club. He had an open can of beer. Will his driving license be suspended if he pleads guilty?
The answer to your question really depends on the traffic laws in your state. You should contact an attorney who...