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I had my VA drivers license revoked after a DUI...I have moved to MD and want to reapply for a new license there, can I do that
In Virginia I'd have to pass their alcohol classes and retake the written test and driving test. If I fulfill those requirements in Maryland will I be able to get a license there? It doesn't make sense I'd have to first get my VA license back since I don't live there anymore.
I understand your frustration. However, this is just how the states work together to ensure someone does not jump from...
I got a DUI 2 days ago and I was curious about the process I'm about to go through. Do i need a lawyer?
Im 18 This is my 1st offense
Yes, you need a lawyer. If the breath test was . 08 or above or you refused the test, you face a suspension of your...
Got a DUI(first offense) last month in Frederick County, MD. Can my DUI be lowered to a wet reckless or negligent driving?
Was coming back after meeting a friend over drinks and some lady side swiped me on the highway damaging my vehicle. When police officer came he smelled alcohol on me and booked me for a DUI. She did get at-fault for the accident but i ended up getting a DUI. what would be my best defense here?
You need an attorney to defend the charge. I doubt the State will drop it to a reckless or negligent driving charge....
Got a speeding ticket 2.5 years after a DUI and almost two years after full licensed restored after DUI. Will I lose license?
Since I will have over 12 current points on my license, will the MVA suspend my license? I was going through a small town and did not slow down fast enough and received a ticket for a 59 in a 30. It is only my second speeding ticket in 18 years. Should I just pay the ticket? The court is 2 hours from where I live and I would rather pay the ticket. Will the state of Maryland suspend my license? I suppose if I go to court, I will be close to 2 full years away from the DUI. I received my work restricted license in August 2012, and my full license was reinstated in November 2012.
Don't just pay the ticket. Get a lawyer in the area where you got the ticket and go to court for this. Hopefully he...
Can you place an alcohol restriction on a license that has been suspended?
I need to place (or at least make a good faith effort to place) an alcohol restriction on a license that is currently suspended (long story). Is that even possible? Don't want to waste a day at MVA only to find out that it's not possible.
Yes, if you have an Order from a Judge, the MVA should still be able to place an alcohol restriction on your license...
What does Committment Record Issued mean on a DUI case history?
Defendent plead Guilty to second DUI instead of going to trial. Sentencing terms on Maryland Case Search are empty, everything shows as "0". Update to case history says "Commitment Record Issued".
Maryland Judiciary Case Search is incomplete and not always accurate or up to date. If the Defendant pleaded guilty to...
Can i have a dui dropped?
I lived in washington state and in 2007 i recieved a DUI. After that i had to go back to the east coast. Since then i have tried to work with kitsap county and they always say they will work with me. However they never send me the information or return my phone calls. I believe they wish for me to come out there so they can throw me in jail. With there reluctense i have had many issues providing for my family and many issues with getting to and from work.
You need to repost your question and list the location as the State of Washington. You also can use the "Find a Lawyer"...