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Will the judge set another court date and allow me more time to do so.
Contact the public defender's office directly and ask for help. Be proactive.
Dui, and child abuse charge
You need an attorney. These are serious charges with serious consequences. Unless you enter a plea of guilty, you...
about a year ago i got a dui, and was put on probation with terms. i completed all of my classes, madd impact panel, community service and payed all of my fines. but i havent been very compliant with my U.A,s and have failed a few resulting in a probation violation. i dont want to go to jail. and i really dont want to do proation for another yr!? so if i go to california and for whatever reasonmy i.d. is ran will i be taken into custody and sent back. nobody was injured nor any damage was done. but my car was totaled..please help!
No, but you will not be able to renew your license if you do not take care of it.
So i was giving a MIP for a beer in my pocket on the CU boulder campus. I was waliking a very inebriated friend home because it seemed to me he couldn't get home on his own. when we arrived at his dorm cops stoped us and sat us down for the reason that we seemed drunk. The CU PD thought i had a beer in my pocket and when asked me to take it out i refused. So when the asked me to empty my pockets so i reached into both front pockets i pulled out my phone and wallet and upon doing so i was handcuff and promptly searched where they found the beer in my back pocket and gave me a MIP. Also when they asked me to sign the ticket, i refused and they told me I would go to jail and i still refused to when they gave me the ticket and sent me home. I want to fight this.
Obviously there are constitutional protections against illegal stops and seizures. You may have an argument to...
I got a DWAI with a low BAC. There were no drugs involved. I do not do or possess illegal substances. I quickly satisfied all the conditions of the court and am now on unsupervised probation. When I got transfered to unsupervised probation (for which I have documentation in the form of a judges order) I was told by my attorney that I no longer had any restrictions and that my only condition was to remain law abiding. I am an avid hunter, and, in the interest of remaining law abiding, want to make sure that what my attorney told me was true and that I am legally able to possess a firearm. I have no restrictions or conditions which have not been completed and am otherwise legally able to purchase so I imagine I am good to go?
If you were convicted of a felony, the federal government prohibits you from firearm possession.
I was driving home after I dropped my friends off (I was the DD). I was going 95 in a 75, very tired had been driving for 2 hours, either way very dumb on my part. I get pulled over and do the routine license, registration deal. The cop then asked me to get out of the car for a sobriety check. He brings me to the front of my car then we procede to do the check. He brings a breathlizer with him. He told me I smell like weed and that my pupils are dialated. He then procedes to show me how to do the tests. I feel I pass all his tests with flying colors including standing on one foot while counting one one thousand, two one thousand, all the way to 30. The cop gets more and more frustrated as I pass these tests. After all the tests are done, He doesn't breathalyze me, and I get arrested.
Your scenario raises potential constitutional issues that require more factual detail and a criminal lawyer to evaluate....
Jefferson Cnty. CO. Charged with DWAI (4th in lifetime), plea bargain for inmate/outmate w/ 1 yr. susp. jail. 2 yrs. probation, fines, etc... Did 90 days WR, and lasted about 2 mos. in ISP via. Intervention in golden. Caught charge in Bldr. Cnty. for Driving Under revocation. Had an emotional breakdown. Did not complete probation. 5 mos. later, I come home to turn myself in. Now am facing a "3rd degree escape charge from misdemeanor" and the original charge of DWAI. Id prefer to do straight time at this point, but how little time can I do w/o probation. There are many small details in this matter which made this case incredibly hard for me to succeed...
What you should be looking for defense wise, is a defense lawyer.