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Can I transfer my 2 DUI's in Florida to Michigan?
Completed probation, no warrants in Florida. I just have a HOLD from Florida. Michigan says they cannot help until I can remove the HOLD. I have to move back to Florida, complete my $500 class, own a car and have an a breather for 2 years in Florida??? I don't minding this but I live in Michigan with my kids. Thanks
Michigan will not give you a driver's license until you can qualify for one in Florida. You are not the only person in...
How to get license back after DUI?
DUI happened 10 years ago. License was revoked and everything was taken care of at the time of the incident (fees paid and probation requirements met) what are the chances of getting license back after ten years with no trouble since the incident? What will have to be done to get it back?
The process of license restoration is complex; however, there is no reason you should not be able to get your license...
Can you go to jail for not being able to attend your drug tests?
I only just got a job and unfortunately got hired in on everybody's pay week so I have to wait 2 more weeks! I haven't been able to attend my drug tests and don't get paid til the 23rd! I do have full intentions to go every time i need to after I get my check now that I have a steady income
You are violating the court’s order and certainly subject to jail if you do not comply.
Are the Police allowed to seized my property without notifying me?
My vehicle was involved in an alcohol related accident in which i was not involved. I was actually working at the time. It was seized without process due to the nature of the accident. I was under the impression that under Public Act 418 of 2016 it was required to give me written notice of the seizure and also that the act repealed the bond requirement to get my property back unless a conviction occurs. The person involved in the accident had their attorney look into things and said there was a $2500 bond placed on the vehicle. It's been over 2 weeks and I've heard nothing from the Clinton Twp PD. I contacted the County Prosecutor and his office showed no records of my vehicle and told me Clinton Twp would have the info. Since this vehicle is registered and titled to me and my address hasn't changed I'm wondering why I was not notified and if I have any legal recourse.
Have you contacted the Clinton Township PD or the Clinton Township Attorney? As long as its in lockup the vehicle is...
I was supposed to receive a few citations but due to possible neck injury I was rushed to the hospital will I get a court date?
I was driving without a license but I was rear ended as I was turning left the other driver was at fault i looked back to see what happened and it was too late I looked up at the road and was accidentally going thru a red light and all I remember is several more collisions
Were you drinking as well and is that why you posted this in the DUI classification? In any case, make no additional...
What should my first step be? They have a hold on impounded vehicle
I hit a street sign with my friends car while intoxicated. I got out of the car, police pulled up I went to hospital. They warranted a blood test. Now they have a hold on my friends car in impound. How long, and what should I do?
You should be hiring an attorney, and seeking the release of the car, and to defend yourself as a result of your...
Was at probation today was told I have to drug test couldn't pee in time was told to come back tomorrow
I am on felony dui and on probation have been on probation for 10 months now I have 2 months to go also I have the scram alcohol monitor on ankle with no problems today was told by a pissed of po that he want to drug test me tried to drink water. But they close at 5pm was told to come back tomorrow I have smoked pot the whole time an not ordered to drug test but it is at discretion to the probation officer was told if not there tomorrow that I would be positive test I am stuck on what to do seems like I am setting myself up for failure or no go and have a positive test he said but for what drug I only smoke weed what to do?
You may as well face the music, you are caught. I would seek a medical marijuana card asap. with this being a felony...